Join the Action as ArcheWorld Launches its Alpha Testing Phase

ArcheWorld, the first ever crypto-powered game that lets you sell and trade your in-game assets on a global scale is combining industry professionals with blockchain enthusiasts to deliver an epic universe of gaming.

ArcheWorld is a blockchain-based game that allows players to create their own stories and worlds. The game will be launching its alpha testing phase in the coming weeks, so make sure you’re ready for it!

As the alpha testing phase of the epic open world fantasy adventure ArcheWorld begins, get ready for some high-octane blockchain-based MMORPG action. bringing a plethora of chances for early admission into this amazing new realm while giving fans a head start on collecting some delectable goodies.

Korean developer XL Games will expand the ArcheAge brand onto Web3 with a fanciful world of NFT ownership and blockchain-based tokenomics, building on the series’ enormous popularity. The ultimate objective is to construct a completely immersive environment with a built-in self-governing mechanism.

Players may thus begin in the ArcheWorld world later this month and take on the severe adventures that are there, with a possibility to gain $BSLT for those with the stones to finish all the test tasks. Wily explorers must first get an AlphaPass in order to activate a test account if they want to join in on the fun. The great ArcheWorld adventure will then start as those brave pioneers join a fantastic virtual world where only the bravest people may experience glory and death!

[ArcheWorld AlphaPass Test Event: Prepare] At the end of July, the ArcheWorld Alpha Pass Test will begin! Participate in the Event and be ready for the Test! Join the ArcheWorld/BORA community by creating an account. Visit this link for additional information: MCjJ2LC9Ct

June 27, 2022 — ArcheWorld (@ArcheWorld NFT)

Early Access Benefits the Courageous!

Passionate explorers and NFT fans may get straight into the action on July 28 by participating in the much anticipated alpha testing phase. However, entrance to this amazing early-bird environment will only be available to those who have the highly sought-after access card.

As a result, individuals who have the wisdom and good fortune to succeed will get access to this special doorway at no cost. So, when the sword-wielding warrior gets ready to enter the ArcheWorld realm in July, they have two alternatives accessible to them: one is completely soul-bound to the holder’s pocketbook and is offered for free to those in the know.

Free airdrop for NFT holders is option number one.

The fastest, safest, and most effective way to get a delicious AlphaPass. As a result, a planned airdrop will instantly provide the desired item to all ArcheWorld Fandom Card NFT holders.

Owners are required to adhere to the single qualifying requirement of a picture that will be taken at 0:00 AM KST on July 7 while allowing for any slippage. At about 6 PM KST, the airdrop will arrive a little later in the day.

Browse ArcheWorld NFTs >> Here

Try Your Luck in the Missions Sweepstakes as Option 2

An extra chance is available to individuals without an ArcheWorld NFT. In addition to participating in the game and winning some extra tangible and virtual rewards, those who complete a series of objectives may join in on the fun!

Blockchain explorers who want to take part must first sign up and validate their wallet, then join the BORA and ArcheWorld Discord channels before completing the submission form and submitting it. Then, during each week of testing, ArcheWorld will randomly choose 125 fortunate participants, as well as 20 of them for a reward of 100 $BORA coins, and only 5 members to get a goody bag of ArcheWorld tangible goods. Participants who weren’t as fortunate will have their submissions carried over to the next week.

Be the lucky one >> Apply here

ArcheWorld’s Pioneering Future

Later in the year, Korean-based XL Games will expand the reach of its renowned services in an effort to capitalize on its vast 20 million user base in the emerging blockchain gaming industry.

Consequently, franchise fans will engage with this expanded world by owning real estate, homes, player characters, pets, automobiles, and more in the form of NFTs and reaping the rewards of a vast in-game economy centered on the ARCHEUM gaming token. The token may be exchanged into NFTs or $BSLT, followed by fully tradable $BORA coins, by gamers. It’s an exciting moment for global virtual experiences!

Join the early access fun >> Here


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