Join My Neighbor Alice for Epic Season 1 Alpha Launch

Join my neighbor, Alice for the launch of season 1 alpha. She has been preparing for this day ever since she won her Nobel Prize and is excited to share the fruits of her labor with everyone!

The “my neighbor alice release date” is the launch of the first season of an upcoming TV show. The show is called “Epic Season 1 Alpha.”

My Neighbor Alice, a welcoming center for developing communities, will finally welcome its loyal NFT holders, giving fans their first opportunity to interact in the setting for some deep adventure.

The Lummelunda Archipelago landowners-only Season 1 Alpha launch, dubbed “The Season of the Timber,” will occur on June 30 and extend for four gorgeous, sun-filled weeks. The titular character, Alice, will be introduced to players for the first time inside. Players will also start on a brand-new main quest, with an NFT up for grabs for those who finish it.


In addition to the main goal, players may engage in a variety of activities like fishing and exploring, all in the opulent settings created by an exquisitely enhanced graphics system that offers a crucial experience and made possible by a unique game launcher with its own on-board wallet.

Owners must first connect their NFTs to the specific Chromia blockchain in order to begin. Then, through the end of July, they may interact with the My Neighbor Alice setting. There are still a very limited number of NFT plots available for individuals who do not already own one. However, My Neighbor Alice also announced a property sale for the Tourney Wolds area coming very soon!

So, to join in on the excitement, follow the My Neighbor Alice socials!

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The “alice token” is a new ERC-721 token that will be used for the upcoming season of the popular game, Alice in Wonderland. The alice token is currently available on the Ethereum blockchain and will be used to purchase items within the game.

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