Jim Jones and Migos Debut NFT Music Video in Decentraland

The artist known as Migos has released a new music video in Decentraland, the nascent virtual reality platform that sits on top of blockchain technology. The track is called “Walk Thru” and it’s accompanied by an NFT-based animation featuring Jim Jones.

Migos have released a music video for their song “migos songs” in Decentraland. This is the first time that a major artist has released an official music video in this virtual world.

Jim Jones, the enduring rap megastar, has gone totally Web3 for his next amazing release. Decentraland is teaming up with Migos to release a brand-new NFT music video, which will be available exclusively on Decentraland.

Jim Jones and Migos wrapped an NFT-themed video in a non-fungible wrapper for the newest remix of the smash song “We Set The Trends,” and unveiled the result in Decentraland’s brand-new Limewire sponsored cinema. Fans and curious types may now witness the findings, with showings running uninterrupted from June 3 to June 10.

The video follows the crew as they go on a trippy voyage into the non-fungible world, where they come into contact with a slew of familiar Bored Ape characters. While doing so, I’m loving Jim’s and the crew’s hard-hitting sounds.

The song’s uncut version was originally a collaboration between Jim Jones and Migos. Fellow rap talents DJ Khaled, Juelz Santana, and Lil Wayne have all contributed to the updated release, with the visuals provided by a variety of notable NFT artists and animators.

Jump in and take a look >> Here


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