Jim Carrey Auctions Dynamic Digital Artwork ‘Sunshower’

A piece of artwork by Jim Carrey, “Sunshower” is now available to bid on in the NFT Marketplace. Digital artworks are being pushed into the mainstream as they come to represent more than just a digital object and can be traded online with blockchain technology.

Jim Carrey, the enlightened and Hollywood-abandoning A-list actor who earlier hinted at an NFT collection that never materialized, has now debuted his first-ever NFT. The 1/1 asset, dubbed ‘Sunshower,’ is presently up for sale on SuperRare, with a price of 46.6 ETH (about $56,900).

Sunshower is being made in conjunction with David Bushell, who is known for producing films such as Deception (2008) and Dallas Buyers Club (2013). It’s based on Carrey’s eponymous physical artwork and has a unique voice-over by the guy himself.

The artwork’s style portrays Carrey’s face inside a distorted yet bright compilation of colors and big blue rain droplets, which were created straight from acrylic paint tubes. The picture is dynamic, with its final form appearing a few seconds after the artwork is introduced with a black and white title screen.

The auction for the 1/1 NFT concludes on June 14th at 8 p.m. BST, with a part of the winning bid going to Feeding America, a non-profit food bank network.

“I had simply started to explore with bringing my work to life via basic animations,” Carrey said of his NFT endeavor after fleeing the’spineless’, Web2-centric milieu that is current Hollywood. When the world of NFTs became available. There will never be enough new locations to develop for me.”


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