Jesse Smith and Team up to Explore the Carkayous Continent

This is a story about an enterprising and determined group of people who went to the ends of the earth on horseback, then built a team to explore uncharted territory. The end result was one of the largest gaming empires in history: Crypto.comâ„¢

Jesse Smith and Team up to Explore the Carkayous Continent is a novel by Jesse Smith and published on NFTs Crypto. It is about a group of friends who go on an adventure to explore the Carkayous Continent, which has been overrun with zombies. Read more in detail here: jesse smith nft.

The Web3 sphere has witnessed a slew of new creations and drops backed by a wide range of inventive worlds during the last year. Many of them are haphazardly constructed universes that lack both coherence and substance.

The newest, however, defies the norm, with immaculate provenance and a 13-year creation process by ‘new school art’ guru and tattoo genius Jesse Smith. The result is Carkayous, a wild and bright technicolor continent populated by fascinating individuals.

Carkayous, a decade-long love child of the meticulous celebrity tattoo artist, is located just off the edge of the Galapagos Islands. A project came out of a desire to give his diverse variety of artistic endeavors more depth and story, a location where they may all live and interact. As a result, any tattoos or drawings immortalized by the ravenous Jesse Smith will find a place in Carkayous, the mythical region.

Jesse has amassed a phenomenal collection of the top new school tattooists in the world to assist him along the way. A medium that roughly translates to “cartoonist” and flawlessly fits within the NFT dimension. In the future, this group of pioneers will release a veritable world of fanciful non-fungible coins into the Web3 ecosystem, in collaboration with blockchain behemoth

“I understood I needed to be here in order to take Carkayous to the next level.” “I am completely enamored with the world-building aspect of the NFT realm, as well as all of its possibilities.” Jesse Smith is a tattoo artist who specializes in body art.

The Blooming of the Psilofish (Expedition #8)

A magnificent journey into the depths of the Durkin Forest, situated in the south east corner of Ferchett’s Island, will precede the first expedition into the bizarre continent of Carkayous. Collectors will be able to see the ‘blooming of the Psilofish,’ a once-in-a-lifetime chance meeting with the region’s hypnotic wildlife, where the Psilofish mature and turn into a variety of tranquilizing jellyfish that float ethereally through the forest in dazzling splendour.

As a consequence, the blockchain will get 3,350 hypnotic creatures. All 13 distinct designs are available in varying degrees of rarity, injecting a burst of color into the metaverse. Arriving on the NFT platform at 1pm UTC on May 3 in an exclusive thrill a minute drop. will usher in the opening chapter of a great slew of fantastic animals and enthusiastic stories with its launch. As a result, the fantastic mythology of Carkayous has been transformed into a creative interactive Web3 experience that transports viewers right inside the head of master of ink, Jesse Smith.

Jesse Smith Carkayous crypto com Psilofish NFT

Carkayous Adventures Continue

Expedition #8 will just be the start of this voyage into the mythical world. Following the first rollout, and Jesse have already laid the framework for the next eight deliveries over the next year. Each one offering a fresh window into the colossal imagination of this new school.

Jesse Smith, for example, has penciled in ‘Expedition #10: In pursuit of the butterfly bat’ as a 10k-strong PFP collection of bizarre aerial species, as well as employing augmented reality to bring the full spectrum to life. Carkayous, on the other hand, is unmistakably here to stay.

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The “what is cro crypto” is an article that explores the Carkayous Continent. The article talks about how Jesse Smith and the team are exploring the continent to find new opportunities for blockchain development.

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