Japan’s Hottest Social Messaging App ‘Line’ Launches NFT Marketplace

Line, a messaging app with over 200 million users worldwide just launched their NFT marketplace. The company has paired up with the big players in the market to offer user-generated assets and new game modes within Line’s ecosystem. This comes as another sign that crypto is becoming mainstream among social media companies, though it remains to be seen how well they’ll execute on this project given its size and scale.

Line, the Japan’s Hottest Social Messaging App launched its NFT Marketplace. Line is the first messaging app to offer this service and it allows users to purchase in-game items with cryptocurrency. Read more in detail here: line nft marketplace.

Line, Japan’s most popular social messaging service, established its own NFT marketplace, LINE NFT, on April 13th, adding NFT capabilities to a growing list of crypto-ready features. NFTs are getting increasingly popular in Japan, despite the country’s tough crypto rules.

The operator of LINE’s blockchain, LVC Corporation, has teamed with Yoshimoto Kogyo, a prominent Japanese entertainment giant, to provide 40,000 distinct NFTs to Japan’s 90 million customers. Users may save their NFTs in their LINE BitMax wallet, which is a product developed in conjunction with BitMax, a cryptocurrency exchange.

Footage from the company’s in-house Yoshimoto NFT Theatre, displaying exclusive videos of comedians, are included in the first wave of the soon-to-be-released NFTs. Patlabor the Mobile Police, a famous anime series, will be converted into a diorama art NFT to commemorate the animation’s 30th anniversary.

NFT videos by well-known characters like Gyuunyuu and Betakkuma will be accessible on the site as well. More is on the way: starting April 20th, original NFTs from manga artist Yashiroazuki, as well as a range of genres, will be introduced to LINE NFT.


Line is a social messaging app that has been popular in Japan for years. Line recently launched their own cryptocurrency called “NFT” which is currently available on the market. Reference: line plus.

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