Jadu Raises $36 Million to Bolster Development of AR NFT Game

The use of blockchain technology in the gaming industry is a popular topic and has been discussed extensively by experts. One company leading this charge is Jadu, which raised $36 million on its token sale to develop AR games that are powered by blockchain tech.

The “nft price prediction” is the process of converting a digital asset into an NFT. The Jadu platform will be able to create and distribute these assets in a way that is far more convenient than any other.

A startup focused on augmented reality (AR). Jadu just secured $36 million in a Series A fundraising round, bringing its total investment portfolio to over $45 million. The cash will be used mostly towards the company’s forthcoming AR and NFT game ‘Jadu Mirrorverse,’ which was headed by investment firm Bain Capital Crypto.

The funds will be used to help develop the Jadu App, which will then be used to help develop Jadu’s upcoming ‘Mirrorverse,’ an interoperable, AR, and narrative-driven gaming world that will allow third-party NFTs like Deadfellaz, CyberKongz, FLUFs, VOIDs, ChibiApes, and Meebits, as well as various Sandbox avatars and TBA collections, to be seamlessly integrated.

Ownership of virtual object NFTs, such as hover boarders and jet packs, will be included in the forthcoming game environment, which have been custom-designed by A-list celebrities like Lewis Hamilton, Grimes, and Snoop Dogg.

Although no official release date has been set, the business has announced that a beta version of the app would be released sometime this summer. 

“We were blown away by the inventiveness of the Jadu team, the immersive AR gaming, compelling story surrounding the Mirrorverse, and loyal community,” business spokeswoman Lydia Hylton said of Bain Capital Crypto’s faith in Jadu’s concept. We’re thrilled to support this unique initiative as they push augmented reality to the forefront of the Web3 discourse.” 


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