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Super Data World recently released a report on the future of blockchain gaming. The study found that games would be “massively influenced” by their use of NFTs and cryptocurrency, which led to speculation about what game types might fare best in the new model. This article discusses how items from different games could become tradable assets with item level requirements.

The “nft marketplace” is a new website that allows for the trade of NFTs. The site will have item level requirements and a user-friendly interface.

The most probable disadvantage of using this step-by-step development approach is boredom from the repetitive play pattern. To address this, the equipment recipe’s quantity and breadth of possibilities are meant to be selected probabilistically. Players may experiment with different item combinations thanks to the mix of choices and stats. As players gain strength and access to better goods, the game is meant to allow them to pass higher-level stages or get favorable positions in extra content such as arenas.

There was a delay in updating the item wearing level feature due to multiple system efforts and inadequate content updates at the start of the game (which was on the roadmap from the beginning). We saw that the Nine Chronicle’s growing experience was diverging significantly from its original intent.

Items in the early and mid-term phases failed to develop an adequate market pricing due to the continually expanding amount of high-spec equipments in the store, and their worth plummeted. Furthermore, players who faced item value degradation did not continue farming in the early and mid-stage stages to conquer levels with a greater difficulty. Users swiftly went on to purchase equipment of higher level set at a lower price than the initial value since item costs fell fast and there were no boundaries to item wearing level. As a consequence, the amount of short-term and intermediate-term products exchanged is quickly diminishing.

The large concentration of transactions near high-level gear reduced the possibilities of new users earning NCG and delayed their development significantly. Furthermore, the top users, who should be selling equipment to new users, were not producing enough ****market volatility, which slowed the overall users’ growth rate.

In a nutshell, the existing system is ineffective. The original method, which was intended to offer players with enough experience by producing and reinforcing goods that open fast in the beginning and get more challenging as they progress through World 3, has become extremely tough. The worth of things has progressively decreased due to the rising amount of top-notch products, making it simple to clear much of the material with a little investment of NCG. Because the majority of the equipment has a poor value, users’ efforts to create and enhance them may seem to be in vain.


This scenario is also a source of worry for the Crystal system, which will be updated later this year. It makes assessing the different remuneration schemes tied to extra content, such as the adoption of the regular Arena season and the World Boss system, difficult.

We don’t think the item-wearing level restriction method will be able to fix these problems quickly. However, we anticipate that the item wearing level restriction mechanism will aid in the adoption of regular Arena seasons in the future, which will give users with seasonal objectives. It will also complement the World Boss system, which attempts to prepare equipment for different horizontal patterns as well as current vertical stat progression.

As part of the upgrade,

  • Players will be able to enjoy the process of pondering products that may be made and bought in stores, as well as selecting growth choices via the utilization of items.
  • Diversified techniques for each level will be accessible, which is an improvement over the past, when a single high-spec solution solved everything. This will assist create a pattern of reselling well-used equipment at the store and repurchasing monies for the next step of equipment acquisition.
  • 💪 As a consequence, the barrier to advancement at each level will be reduced for players.

Initially, each item was built with a very narrow wearing level section to optimize the gaming experience based on item production.

However, with such a design, purchasing from the business will be rare. This is why we opted to wear products that are one degree higher than what is presently accessible.


To keep the life of each object from being too short, the wearing level was adjusted to some degree by grouping and simplicity.

Of However, players may still get poor outcomes or have difficulty obtaining desired alternatives if they rely just on production. In this scenario, you may want to consider buying products from the store instead.

All of the changes may be seen in advance of the update on the PreviewNet, which will be published on Discord shortly.

Of course, the system will not be flawless even after the upgrade. In Nine Chronicles, there is an item called ‘Mimir’ that is manufactured using a particular formula. In the first few months after v100023, when ‘Mimisbrunnr’ was initially modified, there was a history of various alterations in the manufacturing formula. As a result, different amounts of Mimir goods exist throughout the Nine Chronicles universe, making it impossible to define certain inspection requirements at this time.

When updating the production-related mechanism in a standard server-based game, it would have been feasible to edit prior goods or prohibit their use, but in Nine Chronicles, the team cannot change the history made with players unilaterally. It’s a mathematical impossibility.

We evaluated a number of options for resolving this issue and came to the following conclusion. We’ll look at the choices for existing ‘Mimisbrunnr’ products and try to offer them the same standard of wear as other items as much as possible, but a few items that don’t suit this standard, such as general-grade items with the same ID, will be restricted in their wear.

I’d like it if you could treat this as an occurrence that occurred owing to the game’s entirely decentralized character, the history of which cannot be altered by a central party. You may come across things with low wear levels but excellent specs while you browse the store.

NFTs are a new form of cryptocurrency that is designed to be used for trading in-game items. The “nft examples” are some of the most common applications of this technology.

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