IQ Protocol Joins with Battle Saga to Launch Lending Mechanism

IQ Protocol, a blockchain platform for decentralized games and communities launches the first ever gaming lending mechanism. Kill 15 enemies in battle to unlock a new character. Create collectible items as you expand your collection of heroes and personalize them with textiles from top designers like Alexander McQueen or Metropolis Home by Le Corbusier.

IQ Protocol, an NFT loan expert, has announced a fantastic new relationship with Battle Saga, a real-time strategy (RTS) blockchain game. Because of this powerful partnership, participants may rent out their precious assets without danger.

The fundamental aim of IQ Protocol is to unlock the latent value in underutilized gaming NFTs, enabling players to rent out their prized assets through a safe and trustworthy platform, while also cutting onboarding expenses for new gamers and allowing them to participate at a fraction of the cost.

IQ Protocol will wrap the NFTs in a game-changing secure smart contract, allowing new gamers to rent stuff with no up-front collateral using its revolutionary new lending technology. As a result, players may create leasing agreements for any NFTs in the game, including characters, skins, weapons, and objects. All of this leads to the best-case situation, in which everyone engaged works in a safe and trustworthy atmosphere.

Battle Saga Has Arrived at IQ Protocol!

We’re excited to announce a partnership with @battlesagaio, a blockchain based real-time strategy (RTS) game, and how #IQProtocol will revolutionize the user experience & unlock a new economy for players. (

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— IQ Protocol | Q1 Launch of #NFT Rental Marketplace (@IQLabs official) 10 February 2022

Battle Saga is a revolutionary new play-to-earn RTS that is the first in the genre to use the blockchain technology. Gamers may therefore earn lucrative prizes while simultaneously participating in the ecosystem’s governance via the DAO platform.

The functionality on which the play-to-earn sphere is built is evolving at the same time as the sphere itself.


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