Introducing YGG Head of Developer Relations: Andrew N. Green

YGG is a blockchain-powered gaming studio that seeks to create innovative and immersive games. The company plans on launching its first game later in 2019.

YGG Head of Developer Relations: Andrew N. Green is the newest member of the YGG family. He will be working on all things developer relations, marketing and community development. Read more in detail here: yield guild games.

YGG has been a pioneer in spreading the play-to-earn model and empowering gamers all over the globe, and it wants to achieve its objective of providing new chances to those with a creative vision and the ability to build on it. Andrew N. Green, who recently joined YGG as Head of Developer Relations, is helping to make this possible.

Andrew will play a significant role in furthering the YGG ecosystem by forming a team to communicate with game creators from other industries (Indie, AA, AAA, console, mobile, Metaverse, blockchain). The purpose of YGG Developer Relations is to assist game creators in obtaining the information and resources they need to be successful in either testing new Web3 ventures or developing and releasing their vision effectively using YGG’s network and community. Andrew’s job will also guarantee that the YGG community receives first dibs on new games in development or on the verge of release.

“I’ll be helping to generate content and curriculum as an educational beacon and point of entry to Web3 game creation, as well as allowing Web3 natives to learn more about conventional game design, production, and administration,” Andrew said.

Andrew’s efforts are focused on assisting YGG in establishing a strong brand and presence in the gaming ecosystem as the world’s premier play-to-earn and blockchain gaming guild. With Andrew on board, YGG will be able to see possible partnership and support possibilities to help the play-to-earn ecosystem grow.

Andrew worked at TinyCo, a mobile video game firm, as the director of business operations, where he helped design, launch, and run products including Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, Marvel Avengers Academy, and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Andrew has had a number of positions in product development, marketing, live operations, and creatives throughout the course of his 20-year career in the games business, including leading product launches for Electronic Arts, Take-Two Interactive, and Atari.

He also has an experience in investment, having helped to launch the gaming practice at venture capital company Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). Andrew uses his background to invest in and advise early-stage gaming and game-related businesses. Andrew tries to link teams’ goals with their audiences, creating products that will help projects blossom into billion-dollar franchises, thanks to his passion for world-class interactive entertainment.

Building on this concept, Andrew is heavily active in Web3 initiatives, having co-founded Knock Knock, a company that develops HTML5 metaverse creation tools and technologies. Andrew also co-founded Strider, a Web3 platform that aids in the creation of new gaming and entertainment intellectual property by leveraging the creative potential of communities (IP). Strider provides individuals with immediate and transparent access to teams working on new IP, allowing them to co-create and invest. They’re looking at new and better methods to guarantee that artists and contributors are compensated fairly and transparently.

Andrew has provided this chance to the YGG community via Strider, where members of the guild will be able to cooperate with developers on the creation and development of new games and story-worlds. YGG will work with Strider to effectively identify earlier stage opportunities from a variety of constituents such as new teams, IP owners, and NFT profile picture (PFP) projects that need creative and development resourcing and are looking to garner support from more lively communities in their transition to Web3 as one of the first communities to support Strider’s rapidly growing projects with guild participation and investment.

Check out Andrew’s Twitter for additional details.

Read the YGG whitepaper to learn more about Yield Guild. For future updates, join the YGG Discord or follow us on Twitter.

“Ygg is a blockchain-based token that will power the future of online gaming and gambling.” Reference: ygg token.

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