Introducing the Polychain Islands Land Drop

Polychain is a new cryptocurrency project that includes an NFT-powered game. In this article, we’ll introduce the Polychain Land Drop and show how it works.

The “polychain islands land sale” is a token sale that will be held on the Polychain platform. A total of 1,000,000 tokens will be sold for a minimum purchase of $10,000 USD. The price of the token will increase by 10% every day until it reaches $1 per token.

Introducing the Polychain Islands Land Drop

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An integral part of Polychain Islands is here: Please welcome $PMGL & Genesis Land plots — find them in booster packs now!



Buckle up for today’s update, because it’s going to be a huge one. Polychain Monsters has gone through numerous revisions, updates, and iterations as we approach its first full year of existence. Our project and team have had to wear a variety of hats, which we gladly do in order to provide the greatest possible product for our valued community members. None of this would be possible without you all.

We adore our Polymon, and we’re sure you do as well. Currently, our monster collections reside in our collector wallets, where they work tirelessly to earn us $PMON on a daily basis. So far, there hasn’t been a method to take our Polymon to the next level. Is there a method to utilize our Polymon NFTs in a gaming context, for example?

Polychain Islands is a much more than a game. Our goal is to establish a space where members of the Polychain Monsters community may get together to play, work, socialize, and start important initiatives with their Polymon.

We believe that a well-balanced, sustainable, and entertainingly gamified economy is the cornerstone for a successful community, as it will allow players to “own” the game in some ways and be rewarded for contributing to the community.

Even though we’ve already covered some of Polychain Islands, there’s still a lot to accomplish as we work hard every day to deliver you the gaming experience you want and deserve. We’re happy to share with you the first stage in the great process of releasing our Polychain Islands.

Let’s begin by setting the scenario. We understand that information has been scant so far, so to give you a better sense of the breadth of what we plan Polychain Islands to include, we’ve put together a list of essential features we want to incorporate once the game is fully released:

  1. Ownership of land
  2. Agriculture of natural resources
  3. Battling
  4. Capture of Polymon
  5. Resource & Polymon Trading
  6. Crafting
  7. Inter-island transport is possible.

The scope of today’s Land Drop focuses on the first (and by association as you will see, the second) of this list, as we introduce an integral part of the future Polychain Islands ecosystem: Ownership of land.

1 — Ownership of land

Land is one of Polychain Islands’ — and the Polychain Monsters ecosystem’s — most precious assets. The country itself is separated by many islands, each with its own NFT. As with the rest of the components in the current Polychain Monsters world, they are marketable, sellable, and otherwise openly available.

Archipelagos are large groups of islands that are linked together. Each archipelago has its own biome that distinguishes it from the others. The Grassland Archipelago, which can be seen on the Ethereum blockchain, is the subject of today’s announcement and the biome of our latest Land Drop.

An archipelago is made up of a combination of three distinct island types. These are the following:

  • The Central Islands are made up of many big islands.
  • 1,000 Genesis Personal Islands are held by the players.
  • Personal Islands are held by 3,000 players.

There are enormous central islands in the heart of each archipelago where many of the larger, multiplayer-focused attractions are located, such as the Polymon Wild Zone or the Polymon Arena. Players may invite one other to these important areas in order to create unforgettable multiplayer experiences together.

Outcrops of several smaller islands are strewn across these core islands. These tiny islands are player-owned and have a single-player focus. The capacity to farm critical resources, which are essential to many other aspects of the Polychain Islands play experience, is their most crucial feature.

2 — Agriculture of natural resources

Player-owned islands serve as a deed of ownership as well as a storage location for valuable resources. These resources may be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from gameplay and Play-to-Earn in Polychain Islands to auxiliary aspects across the Polychain Monsters ecosystem, such as allowing your Polymon to undergo uncommon, unique mergers and transformations outside of the game.

Polychain Island resources are used for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Having access to specific in-game features (such as battling)
  • Production of high-quality products and services
  • Your Polymon is getting better.
  • Use as a supplement to the development of more precious, sophisticated resources
  • Other in-game assets are created, maintained, and improved.

We’ll be able to share more information in the future, but keep in mind that resources will be important in many of the earning processes both within and outside Polychain Islands, including Earn-by-Ownership, Earn-by-Harvest, and Earn-by-Stake (expect more info on this via a super-secret litepaper releasing soon).

There is a significant difference between Genesis and non-Genesis (Personal) Islands among the two sorts of islands accessible for player ownership. While Genesis Islands are comparable to Personal Islands in terms of functionality, they also create our new $PML coin natively. Personal Islands can only be created using $PML tokens, which are hard-capped at the amount required to create 3,000 islands in an archipelago.

We’re also experimenting with additional Genesis Islands-specific features including exclusive guild ownership, branded land, special gameplay prizes, and maybe even guild-only access. For the time being, we can affirm that each Genesis Island instance will include at least one uncommon resource. Personal Islands, on the other hand, will have a possibility to store rare resources, although there is no assurance of this.

You are, of course, our target audience, and we would love to hear from you if you have any thoughts or suggestions for what you would want to see from these Genesis Islands. Please feel free to contact one of our staff members or community managers on any of our social media sites to express your feelings.

Through a new currency called $PMLG, community members will be able to own their own Genesis Islands (Polychain Monsters Land Genesis). Through our new internet gateway, their owner may mint a Genesis Island by exchanging 1,000 $PMLG.

We want to reward each form of collecting technique with their own opportunity to gather $PMLG since there are so many ways to engage with the Polychain Monsters ecosystem. Having stated that, we want to provide three methods to acquire $PMLG tokens:

  1. Our collector stakers may claim a portion of the overall $PMLG supply each week based on their collector scores.
  2. Staking $PMON on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon may get you a piece of the entire $PMLG supply.
  3. Our Polymon booster packs will include a portion of the overall $PMLG supply.

Aside from resource generation, owning a Genesis Island gives you the ability to create $PML (Polychain Monsters Land) tokens at a predetermined pace. You may mint a Personal Island by collecting enough $PML, which works as a buildable NFT holding crucial Polychain Island resources.

Because the total number of Genesis Islands is limited to 1,000 per archipelago, $PMLG, $PML, and Personal Islands are similarly limited in quantity. There can only be 3,000 Personal Islands per archipelago, and issuance of both $PMLG and $PML is restricted to guarantee that these limits are met.

With the publication of this news, we will formally begin the first chance for our community to acquire a Genesis Island. Land Tickets for the Grassland archipelago will be available in Polymon booster packs on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon starting tomorrow, February 3rd.

On the Genesis Island minting gateway, a Land Ticket may be exchanged for the same amount of $PMLG necessary to mint one Genesis Island, making one Land Sale ticket equal to one Genesis Island. Because Land Tickets are transferable, they may be bought and sold on third-party markets by eager buyers and sellers. A step-by-step explanation on how to convert Land Tickets to $PMLG will be available shortly.

There are 200 Land Tickets in total for this Land Drop, which can be obtained in our Polymon booster packs. 50 of the 200 tickets will be distributed in four release phases, each with a distinct chance of being discovered.

The following are the release rounds and their relative probabilities of finding a Land Ticket in any given booster pack:

  • Round 1 —The chances of finding one of 50 Land Tickets are 1 in 400 booster packs.
  • Round 2: The chances of finding one of 50 Land Tickets are 1:650 booster packs.
  • Round 3 – The chances of finding one of 50 Land Tickets are 1 in 1000 booster packs.
  • Round 4 – The chances of finding one of 50 Land Tickets are 1 in 1:3000 booster packs.

Round 1 will begin at 4:00 p.m. UTC on Thursday, February 3rd, and will be the most valuable of the release rounds for finding and securing an early Genesis Island in the Grassland archipelago. We’ll announce the conclusion of Round 1 and the start of Round 2 after the first 50 Land Tickets have been discovered (there may be a minor delay between rounds, so wait for our official announcement). After then, the same procedure will be repeated for the subsequent rounds until all tickets have been claimed.

As an example:

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