Introducing our first Scouting Season: March Edition

When the FIFA World Cup is over, you might wonder what your favorite team has been up to all season. We have more global news today with a new NFT-based scouting report on our first Scouting Season. Check out this article and share it with friends!

The “sorare best players” is the first scouting season for NFTs Crypto. We are introducing our first Scouting Season: March Edition.

Join us for our first-ever Scouting Season, which will take place in March. We’ll offer daily market events and amplified special weeklies for the next five weeks!

Get your scouting hats on and your calendars ready, because here’s what’s in store!

Market Events on a Daily Basis

We’ll be auctioning players from various leagues and S05 areas on different days of the week. Here’s what we’ve got planned for the next five weeks:

Monday; United States of America

  • Série A Brasileiro Campeonato
  • Argentina’s Football Superliga
  • Liga MX
  • First Division

Tuesday in LaLiga

Challenger Europe I is scheduled on Wednesday.

  • Eredivisie
  • Jupiler Professional League
  • Liga Brasileira
  • Superliga
  • Super League is a professional football league in the United

On Thursday, the Challenger Europe II will compete.

  • Premier League of Russia
  • Toto Süper Lig Spor Toto Süper Lig Spor Toto Süper Lig
  • Bundesliga Austria

Friday in the Bundesliga

Saturday in Asia

Sunday; Europe’s Champion

No more A-Z: we’ll auction players in random order each day.

Each card will be listed on the market for three days before the auction concludes.

6 Uniques each day: We’re also increasing the number of Uniques we send out to 6 per day.

What happens to the schedule if a new team or league is established? Any club or league launches that occur throughout the 5-week event will have no impact on our timeline. In addition to the Scouting Season, there will be new club or league auctions in March.

250–254 Special Weekly Calendar

Scouting Season: The Underdog Series debuts in March. We’ll have five unique weeklies spread out across five Game Weeks to promote reconnaissance, tactics, and foresight.

Here are the entry criteria, unique weekly regulations, and incentives for our very first Underdog Series so you can prepare ahead:

250th Game Week: The Underdog All scarcities except Commons are permitted, with a maximum average score of 45*. Prizes:

  • 1: Tier 1 Exceptional
  • Tier 2: Unusual
  • Tier 2: Unusual
  • Tier 2 Super Rare (Levels 4–15)
  • Tier 3 Super Rare (16–50)
  • Tier 3 Rare (numbers 51–100)
  • Tier 3 Limited (101–500)

Limited Underdogs in Game Week 251 Rules: Only one entry per person, with a maximum average score of 45. Prizes:

  • Star Limited (numbers 1–5)
  • Tier 1 Limited: 6–20
  • Tier 2 Limited (21–100)
  • Tier 3 Limited (101–500)

Game Week 252: Super Underdogs Rules: Super Rare & Unique only and max average score 50 Prizes:

  • 1: Tier 1 Exceptional
  • Tier 2: Unusual
  • Tier 2: Unusual
  • Tier 2 Super Rare (numbers 4–10)
  • Tier 3 Super Rare (11–25)

The Sequel to Game Week 253: Limited Underdogs Only a limited number of people may play, and the maximum average score is 50. Prizes:

  • 1–3: Extremely Rare
  • Tier 1 Rare: 4–15
  • Tier 2 Rare (16–50)
  • Tier 3 Rare (50–100)

Week 254: Uncommon Underdogs Rules: 40 Prizes: Rare and maximum average score

  • Star Rare (numbers 1–10)
  • Tier 1 Rare (11–20)

* The L5 has the highest average score (last 5 game Sorare score average)

We hope you enjoy Scouting Season, our inaugural edition. On Twitter and Discord, you may share your ideas and comments for future Scouting Season editions.

Have fun scouting!

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