Introducing Bluewheel Capital: Joining Forces to take Blockchain Gaming Mainstream

As the pioneer in blockchain gaming and tokenization, we’re excited to introduce a new capital investment firm that will take our vision mainstream.

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Good morning, Seedify Community!

We’re excited to welcome Bluewheel Capital as our newest partner today!

Bluewheel Capital’s partnership with Seedify will complement and strengthen Seedify’s efforts to promote and foster GameFi development and innovation.

Bluewheel-Gulf is a full-service blockchain firm dedicated to advancing global blockchain adoption by making strategic investments in blockchain businesses. The company’s mission is to make blockchain technology simple, adaptive, and efficient for everyone while also engaging in and contributing to its development, successes, and upgrades.

Bluewheel-Gulf runs and supports 1000+ Asic and GPU miners at its mining hotels/datacenters, which are fueled by renewable energy, and is an active player in both Bitcoin and Ethereum’s proof-of-work infrastructure. The firm also provides hosting services for bitcoin mining operations to institutional investors all around the world, with the objective of constructing the world’s biggest sustainable energy-powered data center.

Bluewheel has amassed a varied portfolio of 50+ high-quality blockchain projects as a result of its smart investments. Seedify projects SIDUS, Geopoly, Age of Tanks, AcknoLedger, and the impending Battleverse are among these investments.

The Collaboration

Bluewheel-Gulf will recommend early and launch stage companies to Seedify for incubation and launch services as part of their collaboration with Seedify. Seedify’s comprehensive suite of services and support, as well as its network of industry and marketing partners, will be available to these initiatives.

Seedify’s platform will link incubation stage ideas to Bluewheel Capital, providing them with access to critical early-stage investment options as well as Bluewheel’s network of industry contacts.

Bluewheel-Gulf and Seedify will work together as partners to drive blockchain gaming innovation and mainstream blockchain adoption by financing and launching high-quality projects and spreading the benefits of GameFi and the play-to-earn model to new audiences across the world.

“Seedify is ecstatic to be partnering with Bluewheel Capital; their objective to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to mainstream markets coincides perfectly with ours.” Quality industry partners are an important component of establishing a strong ecosystem; they increase our network’s reach and enable us to provide the greatest possible opportunity and environment for the projects we work on to thrive. We’re excited to collaborate with Bluewheel Capital to deliver the advantages of blockchain gaming and play-to-earn to millions of new users across the world.”

Seedify’s Founder/CEO, Levent Cem Aydan

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