Interview With Evan and Clon, Co-Founders of Cool Cats NFTs

You might not have heard of NFTs yet, but those working in the crypto space are quickly becoming aware. For Evan and Clon, two founders behind Cool Cats Coin (CCC), this longevity is a sign that their idea for an economy built on NFTs is gaining traction.

Evan Luza and ‘Clon’ (Colin Egan), co-founders of Cool Cats, talked to NFT News Today about the year ahead, as well as some highlights from a hectic year so far.

Following a life-changing 2021 for their signature blue cat NFT line, Cool Cats are on a roll in 2022.

Their first collection of feline NFTs is now worth more than $300 million in trading volume, and a Cool Cat costs more than 4ETH ($11k) on the market.

The ascent of Cool Cat NFTs has been spectacular, with celebrity endorsements from the likes of Mike Tyson and Reece Witherspoon, and they’re not resting on their laurels. 

Instead, they’ve started the year off well by signing with the Creative Artists Agency in Hollywood (CAA). Cool Cats will be able to expand their brand into animation content, publishing, and high-profile events as a result of this.

Cool Pets, their second generative NFT collection, has a lot of promise since the Pets will be the center of the Cool Cats’ expanding ecology.

Despite their success and momentum, the founders maintain a philosophical attitude and manage their expectations for the future.

“In the NFT and Web3 arena, expectations is a strange term since so much of it is this continuous developing experiment that’s based on a multiplicity of technological components, timing, and brand positioning,” Evan said.

“However, watching the final version of Pets appear on the Twitter stream and seeing everyone react with a variety of emojis, memes, and gifs is really fulfilling.” 

The blue cats have struck a huge chord with the art-loving NFT community, similar to the popularity of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), who have been mentioned as influences by the Cool Cats creators. 

Clon, also known as the ‘Catoonist,’ created the artwork many years before the NFT boom in 2021. 

The account of Clon getting disillusioned with the Cats at one time before they triumphantly returned to his life adds to the collection’s resonance. 

Clon’s Cats sprang from obscurity in a eureka moment, inspired by Tom Williamson (xtremetom) and Rob Mehew (Lynqoid), two additional Cool Cats co-founders who were wanting to establish a project from the ground up alongside Evan and Clon. 

With software engineers, artists, and Evan’s expertise branding for Bitcoin, they seem to create the ideal storm as a group of four.

Cool Cats have never lost sight of the fact that the secret sauce for every great NFT collections is anchored in their community. 

Their vibrant Twitter community of over 200k people is full of the Cool Cats’ signature artwork and honest updates about everything going on in their environment. 

Cool Cats, Evan feels, is distinguished from the abundance of other intriguing NFT ventures by its community.

“It’s our community and how essential accessibility is to us,” he said. “Aside from our blue cat, which genuinely embodies the blood, sweat, and tears of authenticity that Clon flowed into the character through the years,” he added.

“With Cool Cats, we want to go beyond the blockchain.” On a worldwide scale, we aim to disseminate happiness, cultivate creativity, and define what it means to be cool.” 

“As an NFT firm, our goal is to break down barriers by making it easy for anyone to join the space and our community, and to widen our reach by scaling the IP to the rest of the globe by building as many contact points as possible in an intentional and real manner.”

Another significant development in 2022 was Cool Cats’ relationship with Toikido, a toy and apparel maker. 

This will enable them to bring their brand to life in the form of plushies and toys in the actual world. Cool Cats have added another feather to their crown as they expand their endeavor beyond the limits of profile pictures. 

Evan was cautious about promising too much to his community for the remainder of the year. 

“It’s annoying to be unnecessarily unclear at times,” he continued, “but it’s also the nature of the predicament we’re in.” “We’re in discussions with a number of interesting parties both within and beyond the Web3 sector.” 

“Through Toikido, our new merch’ shop should be available next month, and Paper Cats seems to be the next deliverable on our plan as well… Outside of them, who knows what may happen!”

The next NFT collection from Cool Cats will be Paper Cats, which will include courses for new user and developer onboarding. 

As a result, everything is coming together wonderfully for the Cool Cats, and if you own one of these NFTs, you’re probably grinning at the possibilities that await this blossoming community. 

Evan paused to consider his favorite moment of the year thus far. 

“Seeing the first Pets unveil transported us back to some of the similar sentiments we had when we first watched the Cats being minted and disclosed,” he added. 

“It’s the bustle and excitement of people getting together and having a good time, chatting about their favorite characteristics and discussing future plans.”

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