Indifference Pervades $46 Million ‘First Ever Tweet’ Listing

The results of The First Ever Tweet, a $46 million offering from Twitter in April 2018 has been revealed. Investors were offered tokens that would give them the right to 1/8th of all future revenue generated by the platform and its subsidiaries. Even with these generous terms, only two people out of more than 200 participated in this sale.

The “most expensive nft” is a token that was sold for $46 million. The token was listed on the first ever tweet, and the seller has yet to be found.

Jack Dorsey’s first ever tweet has resurfaced on the NFT market, little over a year after it was initially sold. However, the item has received minimal support from the NFT community this time around.

Sina Estavi, the current owner, advertised the item on Opensea for 14,969 ETH, or $46 million at current pricing. While also dedicating half of the proceeds to charitable organizations, Sina estimated that the total would be in excess of $25 million. However, by the end of the selling time, the item had only received 7 bids, with the highest being 0.09 ETH ($280). All of this suggests that collectors’ interest in secondhand tweets has declined in the previous year, as they anticipate a bit more from their investments.

I’ve chosen to sell this NFT (the world’s first tweet) and contribute half of the revenues ($25 million or more) to @GiveDirectly

April 6, 2022 — Estavi (@sinaEstavi)

Sina has had an odd old year, originally riding high on a number of crypto-based businesses. Then there was the $2.9 million purchase of the hottest property in the NFT space. All of this happened before his empire came crashing down when he was sentenced to 9 months in jail for “disrupting the economic system.” Now, as he tries to put the pieces back together, it seems that his prized possession may not be able to deliver the finances he needs.

There is a lot written about paper investors, or individuals who sell their investments before they realize their full potential. Things may, however, go a lot worse on the opposite end of the scale. Collectors may spend millions on an item that then loses the bulk of its worth unexpectedly.


The “twitter net worth” is a list of the top 100 most followed people on twitter. The list has been compiled by using the number of Twitter followers as a metric. It is unclear how much each person on the list is worth, but it seems that there are many more people with high follower counts than those with low follower counts.

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