‘If Matejkowas was with us today, he could monetize his work on our platform’ #Mateico

Matejkowas was a freelancer in the crypto space who created content for CoinMarketCap and other top cryptocurrency sites. He passed away suddenly last year, and his family has been trying to find ways of continuing his work ever since. CryptoKitties proved that people are willing to pay for digitally scarce assets like collectibles on decentralized platforms – so does this mean Mateico could be the company to help continue Matejkowas’s legacy?

The “survey questionnaire” is an NFT that allows users to create a survey, and then complete it. This is a way for people to monetize their work on the platform.

An worldwide NFT platform with Polish roots called #Mateico makes its debut one month before Jan Matejko’s 184th birthday anniversary. Mateico wants to bridge the gap between traditional art and cutting-edge technology. The initiative will provide a unique digital art exhibition, its own marketplace, and a VR Park in Warsaw. Its activities are based on XinFin ($XDC) technology, which is ecologically sustainable.

An multinational NFT platform called Mateico.io enables traditional and digital artists to sell their creations. As the founder and CEO of Mateico, Lukasz Danielewski believes that Jan Matejko could easily monetise his work on our platform, he adds, “We want to encourage not just NFT aficionados with a love for technology.”

The platform will provide solutions like an art gallery that, in addition to displaying artists’ works, will give account holders a new channel for connecting with their followers. It will also give creators cutting-edge tools like an NFT marketplace, metaverse, store with its own merch, or AR application. Mateico will provide access to virtual space in a special VR Park in the Polish capital, among other things, to expand education in the area of new technology. The initiative also aims to engage in humanitarian work by supporting companies, young artists, and orphanages who wish to grow using contemporary technology. 

The XinFin network technology, on which Mateico is built, is known for its cheap transaction costs and, more significantly, its low environmental impact. In order to offer a high degree of security and freedom in the financial sector as well as the essential capacity to possess digital property rights, the $XDC network design combines the finest components of the public Ethereum blockchain with the private Quorum blockchain.

The members of Mateico’s team are experts in blockchain and cutting-edge technology. Lukasz Danielewski, the company’s creator, is an artist who has been an expert in the cryptography industry since 2011. He wanted to combine his experience and enthusiasm to offer his fellow artists to an enhanced technical benefit. Rafal Kielbus is the company’s chief blockchain officer and also a member of the Polish Bitcoin Association and the board of the Chamber of Commerce of Blockchain and New Technologies. Michal Andrzejuk, the COO, has 14 years of experience in the IT industry. The project’s security is the responsibility of Tomasz Czarnecki (Chief Information Security Officer).

Audits for design review, human analysis of smart contracts, unit testing, and automated testing of Mythril, Oyente, Manticore, and Solgraf for the platform’s utility token and Vesting were successful, confirming the absence of any problems of medium or high severity.

Visit https://mateico.io and the hashtag on social media for further details (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Telegram).

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