HTC Launches First Smartphone Built Around its Viverse Metaverse

HTC Metaverse Smartphone

HTC is the latest manufacturer to jump on board with blockchain. The company has announced that it’s launching a phone for its newly created Viverse Metaverse, which will allow users and developers alike to create their own virtual “worlds” using HTC’s proprietary blockchain technology.

HTC’s new smartphone is the first device to be built around its Viverse Metaverse. The “htc desire 22 pro” is a phone that has been designed for gamers and will be released on October 11th, 2018.

The first smartphone to accompany HTC’s ‘Viverse’ metaverse platform has been released. HTC is a Taiwanese consumer electronics manufacturer. The new gadget, known as the HTC Desire 22 Pro, has Viverse navigational applications as well as tools for managing crypto and NFTs.

The pre-installed Viverse software has tools that let users control their metaverse experience right from their fingertips. The software includes its own virtual marketplace where users can buy NFTs to build their own virtual spaces, therefore one of the functions is crypto and NFT management.

The HTC Desire 22 Pro will also have a built-in cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to store and control Ethereum and Polygon-based crypto assets, similar to earlier HTC models like the Exodus 1 and Exodus 1S, which were released in 2018.

On the hardware front, the system is intended to pair with HTC’s compact Vive Flow VR headset, allowing users to wirelessly reflect content like virtual meetings or 3D movie experiences to the headset utilizing HDCP 2.2 connection.

The gadget is a part of the company’s ambitions to establish itself as the leading supplier of Web3 smartphones, which include virtual reality, the metaverse, and NFTs. However, with competitor Samsung devices already having years of experience holding cryptocurrency, as well as reports that Apple is getting ready to join the augmented reality and virtual reality space next year, HTC’s window of opportunity to gain market share is becoming smaller by the day. The release and performance of the Desire 22 Pro will be crucial in deciding the company’s future Web3 success.


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