How to withdraw Aether using the new Claim Limit.

The claim limit is a new feature to the Aether wallet which will allow you to withdraw your NFTs after reaching a specified amount. The current rate for claiming this way is about 0.05 AET per transaction, but we’re hoping that in time it’ll be lower!

The Claim Limit is the maximum amount of Aether that a player may deposit into their account during a mined Aether withdrawal. The Claim Limit starts at 10,000 Aether, however it may be increased by spending Aether.

Pay attention, please! If the player’s Claim Limit is less than his Mined Balance, the difference will be lost while claiming. The difference will be irreversibly scorched! The player may increase their Claim Limit to prevent this.

So, if you have 12 000 Aether in your mined balance,

While the Claim Limit is at its lowest point of 10,000 Aether,

Then, after collecting a reward of 10,000 Aether,

Aether will be used in the amount of 2000.

By paying an extra payment in, the player may increase their Claim Limit. The cost of the boost is variable and is determined by the amount by which you want to enhance your Claim Limit.

The more Aether you need to spend, the higher the Claim Limit you want to acquire. However, the higher Claim Limit will stay for a longer time before reverting to its previous level.

The graph below depicts the relationship between the boost price and the amount by which the Claim Limit is raised.


­čö┤Important! The Claim Limit’s maximum available level is now 5 000 000 Aether. The Claim Limit will fall by 1% per hour until it reaches its starting point of 10,000.

The dynamic of the Claim Limit lowering with time is seen in the graph below (for start Claim Limit 100 000 Aether).


In a few hours following the boost, you may use the method to compute the volume of your Claim Limit:


where CL is the maximum claim limit you’ll be able to make in a given period of hours, and

The number h denotes the number of hours;

At the start, y represents a higher Claim Limit.

The player will profit by consistently collecting their before the quantity mined exceeds their real Claim Limit. It will be particularly important if the player has used Aether to increase their Claim Limit.

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