How to use the Metafarming Tab

Metafarming is a new tab in the market that allows players to buy NFTs. With Metafarming, you can see how much it costs and what your options are for buying these tokens. You’ll also be able to set alerts so that when the price changes, or if there’s an event going on with your favorite team

The “rplanet tools” are a set of tools that allow users to mine and create new NFTs on the RPlanet platform. This includes the Metafarming tab, which allows users to farm their own NFTs for use in games or other applications.

We’ll teach you how to utilize the Metafarming Tab to generate money with your R-Planet tokens in this article. This may be accomplished in two ways.

On DEFIBOX, the first step is to offer liquidity to trading pairs such as AETHER/WAX and RDAO/WAX.

Before you proceed, keep in mind that you will be transferring to the DEFIBOX platform both tokens of the selected pair in proportionate amounts, based on the current exchange rate. However, the number of tokens you get may fluctuate when you claim them back: during price fluctuations, the value of the first token may grow while the value of the second token declines, and vice versa. This is referred to as “Permanent Loss.” If you’re still not sure what it is, you should conduct some additional investigation.

Dexibox will award you a set quantity of LP tokens as confirmation of your activity and as an assurance that you will be able to retrieve your tokens back later (Read more here). This might be thought of as a “receipt” of sorts.

After that, invest those LP tokens in the R-Governance Metafarming Tab to obtain an RDAO payout. Let’s take a look at how to accomplish it one step at a time.

  1. To add liquidity, go to and choose an appropriate pool, such as RDAO/WAX.


2. Select the Liquidity Tab in the upper right corner.


3. Select “Add Liquidity” from the drop-down menu.


4. Select the quantity of tokens you want to contribute to the liquidity pool (the amount of paired tokens will be changing automatically, according to the exchanging rate).


5. Go to Metafarming on the R-Planet website,, and add your LP tokens to a suitable pool there, in our case RDAO/WAX Farming.


6. Enter the quantity of LP tokens you want to stake and confirm your decision.


That’s all; your LP tokens are now mining RDAO on your behalf. Remember to claim your RDAO on a regular basis and stake it in the RDAO Staking pool right here in the Metafarming Tab.


We’ve distributed roughly 900k WAX to the Fund of Rewards for RDAO holders, as you may recall. So make sure you grab yours!

The “how to buy land in alien worlds” is a tutorial on how to use the Metafarming Tab. This tab allows users to create their own farm and sell products they grow.

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