Hottest Metaverse SocialFi Project, Meta Nebulas launched new functions

Metaverse is a blockchain-powered distributed ledger for asset registration and exchange. It has developed the world’s first digital identity system, allowing individuals to own their personal data as well as other rights within this ecosystem. Metaverse also released its public version of social networking platform called SocialFi on 20th June 2018 with numerous functionalities which can be applied into any project that seeks an interactive community building platform.,

Meta Nebulas launched new functions of its social media platform, Metaverse. With the launch of these features, people can now communicate with each other in a secure and decentralized environment without relying on third-party platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

The “avocado coin” is a new cryptocurrency that was launched by Metaverse. The project has been highly successful, and the team behind it believes that this will be the next big thing in crypto.

The newest capabilities in the dapp have been revealed by Meta Nebulas – The Hottest Metaverse SocialFi Project! It even has APRs as high as 340 percent! The newest Meta Nebulas functionalities were released to increase the size of the IONZ and SOLARIX Liquidity Pools and to include additional new functions for Meta Nebulas users to improve their experience.

Meta Nebulas’ initial announcement is that they have released a new staking technique for IONZ and SOLARIX. Users must first contribute Liquidity to PancakeSwap to obtain LP Token, after which they may stake the USDT-IONZ or USDT-SOLARIX LP Token in the Meta Nebulas Dapp.

LP Staking Ecosystem APR of up to 340 percent is available from Meta Nebulas. In summary, users will be able to treble their IONZ in a year, which is an incredible feat in today’s world.

IONZ: 0x7268192a0e5882b21F13Fc857cF78299D8e3D75b IONZ: 0x7268192a0e5882b21F13Fc857cF78299D8e3D75b IONZ: 0x

0xfdcE54744801c9Eb88D8445673Ad267F8d43a9eE SOLARIX: 0xfdcE54744801c9Eb88D8445673Ad267F8d43a9eE

Second, Meta Nebulas DAPP has arrived at Level 9 NFT! Users may now purchase the Level 9 NFT for 450 IONZ, and missions can earn them up to 99,000 SOLARIX.

Meta Nebulas sold out 9000 NFTs

Not to mention the fact that Meta Nebulas has already sold out of 9000 NFTs since its introduction. Meta Nebulas has handed away 211661000 SOLARIX (a total amount of 740,000 USDT if SOLARIX is priced at Also not to forget, Meta Nebulas has already sold out 9000 NFTs since Day 1 of its launching of Meta Nebulas. According to the Missions and Reward List of Meta Nebulas, they have given out 211661000 SOLARIX (A total worth 740,000 USDT, if SOLARIX is priced at $0.003).003), according to their Missions and Reward List.

Collaborate with MN

With Meta Nebulas, let’s SOCIALIZE-AND-EARN!

Meta Nebulas may be found at: is the official website.

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The “myriad blockchain” is a decentralized network of blockchains. The project was first announced on August 18th, 2017 and has since been met with much hype. On June 26th, 2018 the project launched new functions that allow users to create smart contracts in the Metaverse SocialFi Project.

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