Heroic Mintable Recovers NFTs Stolen in OpenSea Heist

On October 28th, an unknown hacker stole $25 million worth of NFTs from OpenSea. The stolen coins were eventually moved to the game’s wallet on a different platform and replaced with new ones.

The “Heroic Mintable Recovers NFTs Stolen in OpenSea Heist” is a blog post about the recent OpenSea heist. The author details how they were able to recover their lost tokens and shares some tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of this type of theft. Read more in detail here: nft buy.

As OpenSea struggles to recover from a series of high-profile scandals, a prominent rival has stepped in to help. As a consequence, Mintable, a reputable NFT marketplace, has recovered three NFTs that were stolen during the recent OpenSea phishing attempt.

Three Azuki NFTs are on their way back to their original owners in a show of non-fungible solidarity. Mintable made the finding while gathering assets for their monthly “Floor Buster” flash sale on the LooksRare marketplace, according to the company. A monthly event during which the platform offers high-profile collectibles at a lower price than the current floor price. Mintable promptly bought the assets after discovering their suspicious origins before they vanished again.

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February 24, 2022 — Mintable (@mintable app)

The NFTs in question were all involved in a devious theft that took place earlier this month. Mintable had the following to say about the OpenSea phishing campaign, which saw users relieved of around $1.75 million in non-fungibles while gaining praise for their good deeds:

” If OpenSea isn’t going to fix it, someone else must. For some of these folks, their NFTs are their entire net worth, and it’s devastating to have them taken.” – Zach Burks, CEO of Mintable

The lesson of the tale is that in order for a society to function, everyone must cooperate.


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