Help Nick Carter Take the Tampa Bay Bullsharks to Eternal SimWin Glory

Nick Carter is the best player on Team SimWin and a true veteran in the world of sim-sports. He has proven himself over countless seasons, with no signs of slowing down. The Tampa Bay Bullsharks are looking to take him out this season — can you help?

The “are bull sharks dangerous” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to the question is yes, but they are not aggressive unless provoked.

Nick Carter, a perpetually young pop star, has revealed the entire breadth of his support for SimWin, a nonstop sports metaverse. As a result, when it debuts this summer, he will become the manager of one of its celebrity-managed American football teams. Nick has hired the Tampa Bay Bullsharks to help him achieve this goal as he gets ready to prove his mettle against some of the greatest names in sports.

The determined musician will compete against legends like Jerry Rice, Marshall Faulk, and LaMelo Ball in a nonstop, action-packed game of tactical acumen, talent, and tenacity with the ultimate objective of dominating the SimWin arena!

“I’m thrilled to officially announce the Tampa Bay Bullsharks purchase and investment with SimWin Sports. SimWin Sports is a true innovator in the metaverse, which is the future of entertainment. The Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter

Everybody Has a Chance

SimWin offers a highly immersive sporting experience with multiple potential revenue streams, making it more than just another pretty virtual world. From managing individual NFT players and guiding them to superstardom and beyond, to high-powered investors controlling the numerous professional teams on the site. Or, playing the game according to the rules and the intricacies to win large in the betting world. In the untamed and fantastic SimWin metaverse, everyone has a role to play.

SimWin will begin the amazing new NFT chance this summer with a spectacle modeled after American football, which will be followed by other athletic events. Basketball will make its impact later in the year. Whatever the sport, legends are created on the playing field, and heroes are immortalized on the blockchain.

Sporting Magnate to Pop Legend

Before embarking on a very lucrative solo career, Nick Carter was a crucial member of the Backstreet Boys, a famed singing quintet. Nick will now play the part of a sports tycoon in SimWin, a first-of-its-kind, non-stop, non-fungible high stakes sporting environment. Join Nick on this incredible non-fungible thrill trip, and assist him in guiding the group to unending success!

Get ready for the SimWin revolution >> Here


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