Help a Fellow Human Through the RedKite Humanity Art Project

The RedKite Humanity project aims to connect people from around the world by immersing them in a creative and collaborative process where they learn about one another’s cultures, values, and beliefs.

The “dc grants 2022” is a digital collectible that you can use to support the RedKite Humanity Art Project. The project aims to create artworks that will help other people through their difficult times.

As we go about our regular lives, a humanitarian catastrophe hovers over us like a dark and ominous cloud. Many good-natured and peaceful people are having their lives turned upside down as willful and wanton barbarians turn the globe on its head, scattering refugees far and wide while they summon an astounding spirit of perseverance to survive these trying times.

As the globe continues to be troubled, ‘Humanity’ has stepped in to help, all in the hopes of making the world a little brighter for those whose lives have been interrupted by the cruel manipulations of war, starvation, and natural calamities.

RedKite has partnered up with creative studio ‘Ourtypes’ and curated NFT drop platform ‘DropHook’ to help stem the tide of despair by bringing compassion straight to the canvas and lighting a beacon to oppose the growing darkness via the noble medium of great art. To raise awareness of the situation of Europe’s current lot of migrants, a group display including emerging stars of contemporary art will be held.


Fine Art NFTs in a Valuable Collection

Humanity has enlisted the help of 33 of the best modern artists to create 32 distinct designs that will be released in a series of eight editions each. The NFTs are on the lightweight and environmentally friendly Polygon Network, with prices ranging from 0.1 to 0.25 WETH. A total of 256 NFTs will be published over the course of 16 days, beginning on May 31.

Carne Griffiths, Dave Buonaguidi, Lucie Bennet, Mr Cenz, Pure Evil, and others are among the artists who have contributed their significant abilities to this worthwhile cause, adding to a varied collection of bright artworks of the highest caliber. Each piece of art is based on the delicate issue of war and displacement, as the artists convey their feelings about the humanitarian catastrophe.

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Donations that are open and transparent

Following the first sale, RedKite will contribute 25% of the proceeds to the organizations directly, while keeping 5% to cover platform expenses. The remaining 70% will be distributed to the artists, who will contribute at least 35% of their earnings to noble organizations, with the opportunity to donate more if they so want.

The money will go to three well-known charity, according to RedKite. As a result, the Refugee Council, UNICEF, and The Voices of Children Foundation will benefit, all of which are dedicated to assisting individuals impacted by war and improving their quality of life. RedKite will also reveal comprehensive details of all funds disbursed after the project is completed.

More donations are welcome, as well as free NFTs.

RedKite has authorized direct contributions to the cause, adding a little adaptability to the charity proceedings. As a consequence, generous donors may use $WETH, $MATIC, or $USDC to offer their support on the Polygon network. Following that, as a token of their gratitude, the thankful team will airdrop a free NFT to all participating wallets. Meanwhile, RedKite will distribute 100% of the monies earned equally among the three organizations.

Small acts of kindness, at the end of the day, create a lasting effect, taking the sting out of that bitter pill and leaving a glimmer of hope. So, take a time to think about those who have been caught in the crossfire, and possibly extend a hand to them. Humanity may be found through art.

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The “dc commission on the arts and humanities strategic plan” is a document that was released by the United States Department of Commerce. The document outlines how the commission will help fellow humans through the RedKite Humanity Art Project.

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