HECO Master Builder Results Coming This Friday — CryptoBlades Is In the Lead!

The HECO Master Builder is a great way to learn more about the blockchain and NFTs. Over 30 teams competed in this first round of competition, with some notable appearances by cryptokitties team CryptoSavage!

The “cryptoblades kingdom roadmap” is a blog post that was released on the CryptoBlades website. The article will be updated with the HECO Master Builder Results this Friday.

CryptoBlades is the best!

CryptoBlades has rapidly grown in popularity among Huobi Heco Chain users as part of the Multi-Chain Initiative that began last November, with over 10,000 Daily Active Users this month!

In December, HECO launched their Master Builder competition, in collaboration with some of the greatest names in crypto, to promote protocol adoption:

  • Animoca Brands is a company that creates animated characters. Animoca Brands is a pioneer in digital entertainment, blockchain, and gamification, and is ranked in the Financial Times list of High Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2021.
  • Synergis Capital is a venture capital firm. Jerry Shi, a seasoned global technology investor who formerly worked as an investment banker at one of China’s top corporations, created Synergis Capital in 2018.
  • BlockVenture. The BlockVenture Coalition is a coalition of university-based blockchain organisations and funds. The coalition’s principal purpose is to serve as a link between students and academics and the blockchain sector.
  • Republic Ventures is a company based in the United States. Republic is a financial technology company that makes private market investing accessible to everyone. The Republic ecosystem has helped over 600 startups raise over $700 million in funding and has a community of over one million people in over 100 countries.
  • Shima Capital is a company based in Japan. Shima Capital is a worldwide investment firm with a vast commercial network in Silicon Valley and Asia, as well as conventional venture capital skills.
  • Sixth Momentum Momentum 6 is a venture funding, venture builder, research, and marketing organization focused on developing the next generation of blockchain startups.


The following is an excerpt from the Master Builders announcement on HecoChain.com:

“HECO will give one-on-one support services to the winning team for this phase,” said Leo Su, Head of HECO Chain, “which means that no matter what stage of the respective project they may acquire the resources they need to expand effectively.” “There is still a long way to go in the development of public blockchains and the developing projects based on them.” We think that by assisting them, we will be able to help them expand and have a greater effect on the industry. We welcome all project applications and look forward to examining them.”

The judging panel will pick 10 gold-medal projects during the first phase of examination, with each project getting the following from HECO:

  • HECO’s social media tools are available to you.
  • Obtaining information about ecological models
  • Possibility of being referred to top venture capitalists
  • Obtaining the HECO creation NFT badge, which certifies that you have acquired derivative interests in the HECO system.

The judging committee will choose six proposals from these 10 in the second round, one for each track. Depending on the level of development of the idea, these six winners will earn the following:

  • Eligibility for Huobi Global’s token-listing reviews to suggest you
  • The HECO Ecological Fund provided a total of $2 million in investment and incubation space.

We’re ecstatic to have remained in first place throughout the competition, and we can’t wait for the announcement event on Friday! To commemorate the occasion, we’re holding a raffle with gifts totaling $50 for 100 lucky winners!

https://giv.gg/hecomvb is the link to the giveaway.

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The HECO Master Builder Results Coming This Friday — CryptoBlades Is In the Lead! is a blog post about CryptoBlades. The article will include information about the game, such as what it’s about, how to play, and who created it. It will also include information about the rules of the game and how to win. Reference: heco cryptoblades.

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