Hasbro Teams with WoW to Launch Monopoly NFT Game

Hasbro, the world’s leading toy company, announced a partnership with World of Warcraft to create an exclusive Monopoly token which can be purchased through an NFT on CryptoKitties. Cryptogames follow their predecessors in becoming increasingly popular and accessible by the public.

Hasbro, a well-known toy company, is collaborating with the prestigious NFT initiative World of Women (WoW) to produce a unique Monopoly NFT game. The game, dubbed “World of Women Galaxy Monopoly,” will only be provided to WoW and WoW Galaxy NFT subscribers as an NFT.

In addition to artwork that resembles the actual Monopoly in-game cash notes, the game and its associated NFTs will also have WoW-inspired characters and artwork. Later on, a limited-edition physical version of the classic board game will be redeemed for WoW Monopoly NFTs. 

The actual game sets will be created and sold by WS Game Company, the only premium toy company with a legitimate Hasbro license. Kerry Addis, the company’s co-owner and vice president of product development, had the following to say about Monopoly’s initial excursion into Web3:

“A wonderful option to achieve equitable participation across many sectors is to team up with another female-led company on an effort in a traditionally male-dominated area. The alliance not only heralds the expansion of NFTs in the consumer goods sector, but also creates many new digital-first opportunities for the board game sector.

The project’s debut date is yet to be determined, and WoW notes that the artwork shown in its announcement is just a teaser and not an accurate representation of the finished product.


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