Greatest Achievement of Meta Nebulas in Q2 2022

In the second quarter of 2022, Meta Nebulas successfully released a new wallet system in Q2. The release was hailed by many as one of the most successful and revolutionary releases to date on this emerging platform.

The “nfttoday” is a platform that provides news and information on the NFTs Crypto. The company was established in Q2 2022, and has achieved the greatest achievement to date.

Meta Nebulas have now reached a new level of peak in 2022, half of Q2 2022 having already gone. Although the Meta Nebulas Team found it challenging, the market’s affection and support made it worthwhile. Q2 2022 of Meta Nebulas has come to a dramatic conclusion!


We have successfully attracted over 10,000 wallet holders for both IONZ and SOLARIX in only six months! Without the encouragement and affection from the Meta Nebulas users, this would not have been possible!


IONZ has also been added to CoinGecko’s listing! Users may now visit CoinGecko to learn more about the price, supply, chart, etc. of IONZ.


In addition, the Meta Nebulas NFT Marketplace has sold all 5000 Level 1 NFTs. Holders of Level 1 NFTs can now sell their Level 1 NFTs!


In addition, Level 10 NFTs have now been made available in the Meta Nebulas NFT Marketplace! Users may now begin their Level 10 adventure and compete for the 100,000 SOLARIX prize upon finishing Level 10 objectives!

To accomplish more in the future, Meta Nebulas is now seeking for collaborators and/or partners. Whenever you’re interested, don’t forget to reach out to us on Telegram Community!

In addition, we will shortly be planning an airdrop! To be given away are 500 IONZ! How can I claim? Visit the Meta Nebulas Discord server right now at!

For all the fans of Meta Nebulas, here is a teaser: Meta Nebulas 2.0 will shortly be live. Remain tuned!

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