Golom – One NFT Marketplace to Rule Them All

NFTs are the future of digital assets, a new way to own and trade unique pieces of digital property. But unlike cryptocurrency trading platforms today, they’re not just focused on Bitcoin or Ethereum. The Golom crypto marketplace is building an ecosystem where NFT owners can sell their creative works using tokens that suit each project – making it easier than ever for artists to monetize what they create by reaching a global audience without having to sacrifice some control over their work in the process.

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In nearly every situation, having something manufactured by someone who will really use the product has always been valuable. NFT markets are no exception, which is why a talented group of digital asset aficionados came together to create Golom, a one-stop shop for NFT trading with the lowest trading costs and a variety of Analytical Instruments.

Golom delivers an experience that enables anybody in its ecosystem to set up their own exchange thanks to its permission-less and decentralized protocol. Furthermore, the platform compensates all users who trade on the platform with the help of its native currency $GOLOM. Its inclusion of all ERC721 and ERC1155-based collections lets you to earn rewards regardless of your NFT preferences or peculiarities.


In terms of platform costs, Golom charges a 0.5 percent trading fee on all transactions done via its contracts, with all of the revenues going to the stakers. Each Golom contract was developed from the bottom up to minimize gas prices and enable consumers to save 40% on gas fees compared to other markets.

Golom also provides consumers the option of choose how much royalty they want to pay, with rates ranging from 0% to 10%.

OrderBook Decentralized

To set itself apart from other markets that keep orderbooks hidden, Golom makes its orderbook public on Polygon, enabling anybody to complete and submit orders without having to use a frontend.

Analytical Instruments

Another distinguishing feature of Golom is the fact that it’s the first exchange to be a full stack platform with a ton of NFT Analytical Instruments at its disposal. With collection facets such as traits, rarity, transactions, volumes, top holders, minters, portfolio analysis, and much more all available for integration, Golom users are given the purest sense of alpha insight when navigating the platform. 


The real reward system is a dynamic that perfectly embraces Golom’s community-rewarding aim. To maintain complete transparency in the distribution of $GOLOM, the project has stated that none of the tokens will be awarded to the founding team, VCs, or any promoters (nor will there be any sale of tokens). Instead, 70% will be distributed to users who trade or invest, 15% will be distributed by airdrop (to users who meet specific criteria), 5% will be distributed to early traders during the genesis period, and 10% will be distributed to the project’s treasury. 

The Genesis era will begin on May 25, 2022, and end on June 25, 2022.


Stakeholders are always guaranteed 100% of the money using Golom’s 100% revenue-sharing mechanism, and they also keep the same percent ownership of the protocol since inflationary incentives prevent stakers from being diluted by emissions.

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