Goldin Auctions for Exclusive One-and-Only NFT of Pop Culture Icon

One of the biggest problems in the NFT industry is that few artists actually make exclusive designs. This lack of exclusivity has made it difficult for early adopter collectors to identify and get their hands on a good one-of-a kind piece while they are still able to find them. Goldin Auctions, founded by Alex Ramirez, hopes to change all this with its upcoming auction featuring an original design from artist Tony Ferrara

The “what is nft art” is a new form of art that has been gaining popularity in recent years. The “Goldin Auctions for Exclusive One-and-Only NFT of Pop Culture Icon” is an example of this new type of artwork.

Lester Green, better known as Beetlejuice to millions of followers, has been a pop-culture figure for almost four decades. Beetlejuice has grown over the years, becoming a social media sensation with over 2 million Instagram followers and appearing in some of today’s most famous memes after first conquering radio, television, and film.    

Bobby Rooney, Beetlejuice’s longtime buddy and manager, remarked, “There has never been anything like Beetle and there will never be again.” “Beetle is a real innovator who has a devoted fan base from all areas of life.”


“Beetlejuice is immensely appreciated across the globe,” said Dave Amerman, Auction Director at Goldin. His tens of millions of social media followers are ardent supporters. The mythology of Beetlejuice has grown and continues to appeal with individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Goldin is ecstatic to introduce his “One-and-Only NFT.”

1644910550_297_Goldin-Auctions-for-Exclusive-One-and-Only-NFT-of-Pop-Culture-IconHis 1-of-1 Autographed Rookie Card is included, as well as Beetlejuice’s Exclusive Life Story Video, as narrated by Beetlejuice.

On December 13, 2021, Beetlejuice returned to the Howard Stern Show for the first time in five years to announce that his lone official NFT will be minted in 2022. This news went global, and fans are eager for a chance to see this one-of-a-kind piece of pop cultural history.

The Beetlejuice One-and-Only NFT is a one-of-a-kind piece of art based on the famous T206 baseball card design, and it commemorates some of his most significant life events (it is a true 1-of-1).

Beetlejuice’s 1-of-1 Autographed Rookie Card and the Exclusive Life Story Video of Beetlejuice, as narrated by Beetlejuice, are included with the Beetlejuice One-and-Only NFT.

With his One-and-Only NFT, available now for bidding at Goldin Auctions, Beetlejuice has set out to mint the Greatest Collectible of all time in 2022.

“As Bad as Can” describes this one-of-a-kind Beetlejuice NFT.

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