Gods Unchained vs. Skyweaver – Which is the Best P2E CCG?

Gods Unchained is a blockchain-powered digital card game that lets you build decks, play against other players, and earn rewards. Here’s how it stacks up to Skyweaver – the best P2E CCG on our list.

A collectable card game (CCG) is a kind of strategy card game that is played using sets of collectible playing cards that have been particularly created for the game. With the development of blockchain technology, decentralized collectable card games with play-to-earn mechanics are now available, rewarding players for their gaming time.

Trading card games on the blockchain are quickly catching up to traditional trading card games (TCGs). Thanks to blockchain technology, which enables perfect transparency and digital scarcity, players may now own their digital assets and sell or exchange their cards for cryptocurrencies.

The two most popular CCGs will be discussed in this article: Gods Unbound and Skyweaver.

Gods Unbound

Gods Unbound is an Ethereum-based free-to-play tactical NFT card game. It is currently one of the most popular blockchain play-to-earn (P2E) card games. There are over 13 million Gods Unbound NFTs and approximately 65,000 unique asset holders. Since the game’s inception in March 2021, users have traded over $25 million in assets.

Minting cards and goods provide options for earning money and complete ownership of the items. If you’re already familiar with classic TCGs, playing Gods Unbound would feel natural. Players do not need to be familiar with blockchain technology or cryptocurrency to begin playing.

Users only engage with the blockchain when they exchange cards with other players, even though the cards are kept on the Ethereum network.

Gods Unbound Play-to-Earn Dynamics

While playing, you gain non-blockchain cards. Once you have enough cards and Flux, you may also clone blockchain cards and sell them on the market.

Players mix duplicate core cards in the Forge using the game launcher to create new, higher-quality cards. These are created, after which they are introduced to the Ethereum network, where they acquire value in the real world.

In order to exchange these cards for actual money, gamers utilize the market. The earnings earned may then be used to purchase further cards or exchanged for real money by the players. 


Some cards in Gods Unbound are NFTs, which players can trade for a profit on secondary markets. Players can’t sell the core, common, and welcome set cards they get after sign up. However, players can compete and earn Flux, this improves non-blockchain cards and can be officially converted into tradable assets.

Cards of the Meteorite level or above may be traded. It is not possible to exchange cards with gray borders since they are common grade cards, not NFTs.

Before players may trade new card sets, such as the Trial of the Gods set, they must go through a balancing process. 



A blockchain-based online trading card game called Skyweaver uses in-game cards as NFTs. Players use the cards to engage in turn-based combat with other players. You don’t need to acquire several copies of the cards, like you would in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, since it is a singleton game and the cards are unique.

Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, helped Horizon Blockchain Games in financing more than $3.75 million for Skyweaver. Skyweaver was published in stages, commencing with a private beta in 2021. Horizon took its time creating this game, starting development in 2019. 

Over 2.2 million matches have reportedly already been made since the open debut, according to a Skyweaver news release. Playing Skyweaver is completely free, and leveling up unlocks more than 500 basic cards. Because there were no card pre-sales, customers were not able to hurry in and purchase everything.

Three different grade kinds and unique elements on the cards make them unique and add to the uniqueness of the games.

Skyweaver: The Game


There are several ways to play, and you may even engage in secret conflicts with pals. 

1. Victory

Player against Player (PvP) game mode called Conquest is centered on winning streaks. One life is given to each player at the beginning of the game, and three victories are required to earn the greatest prize. After a game is lost, a player is eliminated. Players may get exclusive Silver and Gold NFT cards in this mode.

Ranked Mode 2.

To get up the leaderboard, compete against other players. In this mode, players may earn Silver NFT cards.

3. Practice and Private Mode

Play private matches with your friends or practice modes with bots. Players may learn how to play a variety of games and strategies in tutorial modes as well.

Each game style has two game types: Constructed and Discovery. 

4. Information

Try out different hero and deck combinations. In this mode, players may level up and get a random 25-card deck depending on the prism(s) they choose.

5. Developed

Players construct their own decks of cards to fit their own playing preferences. The game will automatically fill the empty spaces if players don’t have enough cards to complete the whole deck.

The game engine unites players who are playing Discovery if players choose that kind, so each player gets a randomized deck. Once a player has a sufficient number of cards, they may choose Constructed Mode to choose their own deck for a more unique playing experience.

For novices, playing on Discovery mode may be quite helpful. Players may experiment with various cards, learn how the game works, and then acquire cards before they have any cards in their collection.

NFTs and Skyweaver Tokenomics


The in-game currency in Skyweaver is called USDC, a stable cryptocurrency backed by the US dollar. An ERC-20 token is this one. Skyweaver also uses ERC-1155 tokens created in collaboration with Horizon to create fungible and semi-fungible currencies. The cards are created using these tokens.

On Skyweaver, the NFT assets are simple: they are the playable, collectible, and tradeable cards. Thanks to NFT technology, players own the cards they are holding. The Skyweaver developers are unable to take ownership of or relocate player-owned assets since only they have access to them. This means that participants have almost no restrictions and may replace them anytime they wish.

Playing the game and unlocking cards unlocks the NFT cards. The basic card designs are surprisingly diverse and attractive, dark, dramatic, and brilliant.

Gods Unbound vs. Skyweaver

Gods Unbound is still one of the most popular blockchain trading card games. The Gods Unbound website contains many learning materials, and a transparent marketplace, and it’s free to start playing. There are opportunities to earn as players progress and forge new cards, but it may be a long burn depending on how much time players devote.

However, because to its simple user interface and F2P format, Skyweaver is a TCG with more advantages than drawbacks. The learning curve associated with adjusting to a new TCG could be the biggest drawback, but because playing the game is free, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try. Simply don’t count on making a lot of money.


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