Gods Unchained Unleashes Spectacular Staking Rewards

The team at Gods Unchained has announced that they are releasing a new card game called “Gods Unchained” with the ability of players to stake their cards and earn rewards.
This is an exciting turn for blockchain gaming as this innovative project shows how games can be built solely on the blockchain, benefiting from collective power.
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Gods Unchained is a blockchain based game that has been released recently. The game is free to play, but the developers have decided to offer staking rewards for those who hold their coins in the wallet.

Gods Unchained, a massive play-to-earn war arena, has unlocked a brand-new method for players to accumulate its terrifying $GODS currency. Those in the know may now “stake” their hard-earned riches in order to reap even greater benefits.

The novel staking method, dubbed “The Offering of the Gods,” would basically compensate participants for their involvement in the Gods Unchained ecosystem by taking weekly photos of its associated Immutable X wallets. Following that, more $GODS tokens will be distributed each month according on how few coins were held during that particular week.

Users won’t have to actively stake their coins in any particular pool or face any lock up periods thanks to this intriguing technique. Instead, players must fulfill two relatively straightforward qualifying goals in order to take part. Both holding $GODS in an Immutable X wallet linked to the Gods Unchained ecosystem and engaging with one component of the platform at least once each week are requirements. Any time a button is clicked, whether it be while minting NFTs, utilizing the market, or playing the game, conflict will ensue.

It is known as mortals, and we stake a little. Rewards of $1,000,000 for all qualified GU Citizens Drop a line if you’re a GU citizen.

July 4, 2022 — Gods Unchained (@GodsUnchained)

The program will get a cool one million $GODS tokens over the course of the first four months of this intriguing new development inside the Gods Unchained ecosystem. The next step will be to implement a staking mechanism that is more long-term. However, based on a series of pictures taken since December 2021 and the new initiative, long-term investors in the project will be retrospectively rewarded.

Spend some time learning about this amazing free-to-play gaming environment so that you might perhaps earn some delicious prizes.

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Gods Unchained is a new token that was created by the team at Bitguild. It’s goal is to be a fair and transparent game of chance for all players. The game will have no central server, so it will be completely decentralized. With this type of design comes an innovative staking system, which will reward players with more than just tokens from their winnings. Reference: gods unchained token.

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