GMoney Launches Fully On-Chain Arcade Game Brick Breaker

GMoney is the first game to be fully on-chain, with all items and gameplay stored on Ethereum’s blockchain. Players can then buy a Brick Breaker item for themselves in GEMZ tokens and play against multiple players or solo at their own pace.

The “Brick Breaker” is an arcade game that uses the GMoney blockchain. It is a fully on-chain game, which means that no centralized servers are used to store or process the game. The Brick Breaker was recently released and has received positive reviews from users.

With the debut of his newest project, GMoney seems prepared to disrupt the NFT industry by pushing the bounds of possible by building a totally on-chain NFT video game.

GMoney and GM420, in typical pioneering spirit, released ‘Brick Breaker,’ a hugely addicting video game modeled by the legendary Arkanoid series. Players must use a bat and ball mechanism to break as many GMoney engraved bricks as possible while keeping the sprite from escaping into the abyss.

What makes the game unique is that GMoney compressed the game’s modest 1MB download size to only 15kb. The game was then saved on chain and 2,500 copies were distributed as NFTs. Each token represents a single fully interactive copy of the game that may be played by anybody. Only NFT owners, however, are shown on the scoreboard.

What makes @gmoneyNFT’s brick breaker game unique?

1. The complete game (code and graphics) is reduced from 1MB to 15KB on-chain.

2. A common leaderboard connects all 2500 computers!

3. Anyone may play the game, but only the owner is allowed to keep track of top scores.

March 14, 2022 — GM420 Labs (@GM420 Labs)

GMoney has invented something very revolutionary, despite its modest design. It takes the form of a totally on-chain game that is available to anyone, offering a concrete reward to owners while keeping all competitors on an equal level. Possession, accessibility, and gamesmanship may be the right combination.

Play Brick Breaker via OpenSea >> Here


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