Get the Drills at the Ready, Megacube is Returning to Decentraland!

Megacube is a game that was originally released on the Ethereum blockchain and has since been ported to other blockchains. As one of the first games built for decentralized platforms, Megacube features an open world where players can interact with others as well as explore and mine resources in order to build their own cities.,

The “how to get free land in decentraland” is a blog post that discusses the return of Megacube, a popular virtual world, to Decentraland. The article also includes information about how to get free land in decentraland.

The frightening MegaCube has returned for a second season, ending the long wait for lovers of large-scale, multiplayer metaversal lunacy. So saddle up, get your mining gear set, and get ready to unravel the cube’s secrets!

Decentraland will host the world’s biggest multiplayer invasion of the metaverse on May 6, bringing with it a new style of collaborative gaming and $500k in prizes. The mission was to go on a Minecraft-style digging spree on every feature of the massive voxelated monolith. Gamers will uncover a tremendous number of magnificent rewards hidden inside its depths, while one fortunate explorer will discover the greatest prize of them.

Welcome to Megacube 2, the Metaverse’s largest collaborative #PlayToEarn event, hosted by @decentraland.

What exactly is #Megacube? What am I supposed to do?

May 4, 2022 — MegaCube (@megacubeio)

The cube is made up of 100 layers, each of which is made up of smaller bricks that players must mine separately. Players must mine each layer one by one until the monolith is reduced to a single square. Every one of the 120+ sponsors participating in the event will provide a reward to the person who finds the last piece of the puzzle. Polygon, Boson Protocol, Decentraland, and project developer Polygonal Mind are among the Web3 pioneers.

Additional goodies, including exquisite NFTs and sweet currency, are concealed at various points around the cube. Nearly 2500 people took two weeks to mine a 50-layer cube during last year’s tournament. However, it has doubled in size this time, and who knows how many gamers will come up.

Additionally, those looking for a break from the mining experience can visit the Megahall. A massive entertainment extravaganza with DJs, wearables, and plenty of surprises. All of this is in addition to sponsor-curated booths where explorers can purchase’shards’ to upgrade the drilling machines’ firepower.

So get your gear on, get in, and start mining!

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The “decentraland asteroid mining” is a game that has been around for quite some time. It was originally released in Decentraland, but now it’s coming back to the platform!

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