Gen-0 NFT Harvesting and What to Expect

As NFTs enter the mainstream, we need to be prepared for a potential avalanche of new tokens and assets. Gen-0 harvesting is our best chance at avoiding that! Here’s what it means in practice…

The “nft collectibles” is a new type of token that can be used to represent anything. NFTs are not owned by any one person and they cannot be destroyed or counterfeited. The “nft collectibles” will have a Gen-0 harvesting period, which means that you’ll need to hold onto your tokens for at least 90 days before you can sell them on the market.

A town overlooking the northern sea is nestled in the clearing of a forest. Farmers come here to escape the world and concentrate on the simple pleasures of life, thanks to gorgeous cottages and productive land. DeFi Land is now a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem, with thousands of farmers harvesting their crops, catching fresh fish, and staying cautious against predators attempting to invade. While many are pleased to live in this paradise, others keep their gaze set on the horizon in pursuit of the next adventure. For a long time, they got by with rudimentary gear like a wooden fishing pole and a four-ammo pistol. Farmers who wanted to progress their technology, on the other hand, gambled on magic seeds. They started off as small sprouts, but these magical seeds quickly grew into gorgeous flowers in a rainbow of hues, from yellow to red to purple and blue. The harvest is only a few days away, and those who tended to their seeds will be rewarded with new experiences. It’s finally time to flip the page on DeFi Land and start a new chapter.


  • On March 18, 2022, at 6:30 p.m. UTC, the irrigation event will come to an end.
  • Once the candy machine distribution has been properly verified and deployed, NFTs may be claimed on March 21, 2022 at 6:00 PM UTC.
  • The next big upgrade, Play and Earn, will be launched in late March/early April.
  • For DeFi Landers, Gen-0 NFTs offer a unique long-term value.
  • Individual qualities as well as complete NFTs will be tradeable, and we’re working on creating our own in-game market.
  • $Gold will be our primary in-game money, earned entirely by the community and only via Play and Earn prizes.

Greetings, DeFi Landers!

Isn’t it amazing that we’re almost done with our irrigation event? We coined 7500 NFT seeds on February 15th, which could be planted in DeFi Land and watered for 30 days. While the challenge of daily watering startled many DeFi Landers, we were always amazed by their devotion to this one-of-a-kind NFT drop. In fact, we’re on schedule to have over 3500 DeFi Landers attain Tier 1 and a minimum of four Gen-0 NFTs by the end of the year. By unlocking Play and Earn in our next major update, these Gen-0 NFTs will be of immediate use. With our first NFT Harvesting Day approaching, we’d like to talk about the specifics of our first Harvest Day, the unique worth of Gen-0 NFTs, and some new information regarding our Play and Earn upgrade. Let’s start with a summary of your outstanding achievements from the previous event:

  • Seed NFTs were planted in 6341 (about 85 percent). We’re quite pleased of this massive dedication to our gamified NFT drop.
  • During the watering incident, DeFi Landers burnt roughly 20 million $DFL tokens.
  • Approximately 3500 DeFi Landers are on target for Tier 1, and 95% of our seeds sown are on schedule for Tier 4 at the very least.


NFT Claiming is a step in the procedure.

Harvest Day preparations

On March 18, 2022, at 6:30 p.m. UTC, the irrigation event will come to an end. Watering will be stopped at this point, and a photograph will be taken to determine the best distribution of rarities among our farmers. For each sort of NFT and Tier, we’ll use a different Metaplex Candy Machine. To guarantee a fair distribution, we’ll need to build up the code for 12 distinct Candy Machines. This procedure will take three days to complete, and NFT claiming will begin on March 21, 2022, at 6:30 p.m. UTC. We feel that putting in the additional effort will result in the smoothest descent imaginable. All you’ll need when you harvest your plant is a tiny bit of $SOL to process the transactions, and the NFTs will appear in your DeFi Land inventory and public wallet. You must harvest your plant to obtain Gen-0 NFTs since this is a smart contract transaction. They will not arrive in your wallet on their own. After March 18, you’ll have two months to plant and harvest a single Gen-0 NFT if you have an unplanted seed.

Do you recall how each NFT has its own set of characteristics? This is crucial in terms of ensuring a balanced distribution of NFT rarities. Take, for example, the fishing pole. A fishing rod’s body, float, hook, and reel are all included. You could have distinct rarities for each characteristic when you claim your NFT. That means you may wind up with a legendary body, a rare float, a standard hook, and a standard reel. This will result in a wide variation of rarity across various NFTs. You should think about the benefits of each characteristic in terms of its usefulness and your game goals. We’re even putting up an in-game marketplace where you can filter various rarities depending on your desired qualities to help you locate the right NFT for your style of play!

It’s More Than Just a Quick Flip

We’ll be providing additional sneak peeks for the NFTs as the harvest approaches, including their design, qualities, usefulness, and more. You may be asking, “What should I do with my Gen-0 NFT once it’s in my wallet?” at this time. It will be yours at that time, and you may do anything you want with it. It will be tradeable and transferable, much like the seeds. However, DeFi Landers should think about the unique advantages of Gen-0 NFTs that give long-term in-game value, such as:

  • DeFi Landers may earn soon when Play and Earn is available with Gen-0 NFTs. NFT holders will have an advantage over the competitors since additional resources, such as $Gold, will be gained only via gaming incentives.
  • Exclusive access to the creation of new NFTs (in a gamified manner, of course!). Here’s an illustration of how this will work: we’ll be getting a woodcutting minigame with an axe shortly. A portion of the axe will be sold in a public mint, but the other will be gained via a quest open exclusively to Gen-0 NFT holders.
  • In addition to Play and Earn, Gen-0 NFTs will earn money in a variety of ways. We’ve spoken about renting NFTs, but we also have intentions to share the protocol’s revenue with our OG Gen-0 NFT holders in the future.
  • Advantage in Crafting! NFTs will be released in multiple generations. Gen-0 NFTs may be converted to Gen-1 NFTs, and Gen-1 NFTs to Gen-2 NFTs, and so on. While subsequent generations will have a tight restriction on how many times they may be used to produce a new NFT, you can make as many Gen-1 NFTs as you like using your Gen-0 NFT. However, there will be extra fees, such as $DFL and $Gold spent in the crafting building, a limited “blueprint NFT,” and some XP required to manufacture a new NFT. Each time you make a craft, the expenses will increase. This gives Gen-0 NFT holders an edge, but it’s crucial to note that this doesn’t imply you have a “unlimited” supply of future NFTs. Crafting becomes more and more costly with time, and it will eventually become unprofitable to craft indefinitely. More information about crafting will be available shortly!


Fishing Rods DeFi Land Gen-0

Have you missed out on earning a Gen-0 NFT? It’s no issue! You may buy one on the secondary market, and even if you don’t have an NFT, DeFi Land is free to play. You may still play our minigames, modify your town, visit your friends’ lands, make token exchanges, and yield farm hundreds of token pairings using our in-game aggregator.

Utility and Income Generation in a Variety of Ways

According to our current estimates, we’ll be able to produce about 18000 Gen-0 NFTs. This may seem to be a high number at first, but the diversity of NFTs offers us an edge. Unlike a costly character NFT that is essential to play the game, each Gen-0 NFT in DeFi Land is useful in a single minigame or activity. The fishing rod, hunting rifle, harvester, and pets are among the Gen-0 NFTs. This provides our customers with a choice of ways to generate money with only one Gen-0 NFT. If you like fishing and want to start making money, all you need is the Gen-0 Fishing Rod. Send your beautiful Gen-0 pet out on an expedition to do the job for you if passive money is more your thing. Here’s a rundown of what you can anticipate from each Play and Earn activity in DeFi Land when you use your Gen-0 NFT:

  • The fishing game has been remastered. The fishing game has long been a fan favorite on DeFi Land, but it’s time for some new features and prizes. A “hold” mechanism will give the game a more realistic difficulty. Your Gen-0 fishing rod will reward you with more fish, which will transfer to $Gold, $DFL, and potentially unique NFTs right away.
  • In the shooting gallery, a new predator has emerged. You’ll be able to defend your cows against dangerous wolves, and you can guarantee they are formidable foes. You’ll need to be fast since the wolves are more aggressive than those annoying crows, so make sure you aim properly to avoid hitting your prized cows!
  • The brand-new harvesting game will undoubtedly be a success. Our staff enjoys the harvesting game, and we are certain that you will as well. Your goal will be to use your sleek NFT harvester to collect as many crops as possible for requested recipes in a short amount of time.
  • Love is all your pets need. Cows, ducks, chickens, cats, and dogs are among the Gen-0 NFT pets. The love meter for the cows, chickens, and ducks is maintained by often caressing and feeding them. Pets that are happy bring joyful rewards. Your pets will have a one-of-a-kind adventure mechanic. You may send them on energy-intensive trips. They will use more energy on a longer excursion, but they will have a better chance of bringing home a lucrative prize.


Gen-0 Guns in DeFi Land

It will be critical to look after your belongings and animals. Our NFTs are powered by an energy system, which means they can only be used a certain number of times before they need to be fixed. We will soon provide precise data and calculations regarding how the energy system operates. These mechanics should be quite intriguing and engaging to you, we feel.

After the NFT distribution, our next major update will be Play and Earn. We expect to deploy Play and Earn in late March/early April, after the new minigames and reward features have been thoroughly tested. The primary reward and currency for the DeFi Land game will be our new $Gold coin. Because the $Gold coin and our NFT ecosystem will be entirely community-driven, scarce, and tradeable, this is critical. As a staking and governance token with in-game usefulness and burning mechanisms, our $DFL currency remains a major focus. We are always trying to guarantee that we can build a long-term economy that benefits our players and investors.


Gen-0 NFT Cats from DeFi Land

Always keeping an upward gaze

Play and Earn broadens our future’s horizons to infinity. It’s time to jump into the next chapter, where new minigames and adventures will begin to reveal DeFi Land’s spirit and tale. Current challenges are coming to an end shortly, so act quickly to assist your team gain a winning place. PvP, on the other hand, will be one of the primary focuses heading into the summer, as promised and anticipated. It would be fantastic to compete for prizes with other farmers while having fun and collecting rewards! We’re excited to introduce Play and Earn to you, and we can’t wait for you to try out all of the new features. Let’s collaborate on the DeFi Land narrative. On NFT Harvesting Day, we’ll see you!

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