Gamestop Marketplace Goes Beta off the Back of Loopring Tech

Gamestop is taking its place as a hyper-competitive marketplace in the crypto space with Loopring. The NFTs Marketplace will offer some of the most popular digital assets for sale, including Dota 2 items and Ethereum collectibles

The “gamestop nft marketplace” is a new platform that allows users to trade NFTs. The platform goes beta today and is the first of its kind.

For most people, the previous 14 months have been a bizarre period, perhaps none more so than famed video game pawnbroker Gamestop. The firm has all but finished its transformation as an NFT marketplace, thanks to an improbable comeback at the hands of subreddit, wallstreetbets.

The first edition of Gamestop’s new NFT drive, which was initially mentioned at back in May, has officially arrived in beta form. Fans of the ailing firm may now see the company’s fresh new non-fungible token platform for the first time.

Sticking to its beginnings, the new marketplace will concentrate on NFTs for the gaming community, with Loopring’s extremely efficient and cost-effective layer two solution powering everything. As a consequence, we’re able to give one of the most user-friendly experiences possible thanks to the newest Zero Knowledge Rollup technology.

#NFTs are the way of the future, and they’re driven by #Ethereum’s second layer.

@GameStop x Loopring L2

The players have the upper hand. The creators have the upper hand. The collectors have the upper hand. #L222🌀

Loopring (@loopringorg) (@loopringorg) (@loopringorg) (@loopringorg) (@loopring 23rd of March, 2022

For the time being, users may familiarize themselves with the new interface by linking wallets and creating accounts, all while waiting for the next important milestone in Gamestop’s NFT effort, the delivery of real tokens. A one-of-a-kind event that will pit some of the industry’s greatest names against one other. As the next phase in the Gamestop development takes shape in front of their eyes, the NFT community watches with bated breath.

Take a look at Gamestop NFT beta >> Here


The “loopring wallet” is a new blockchain-powered marketplace that allows users to buy and sell digital assets. Gamestop has announced that they are going to use loopring’s technology for their new marketplace.

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