Gamerhash Joins The Sandbox to Build Metaverse Gaming Empire

Metaverse is a blockchain-based, public open universe. It lets gamers build their own games and share them with others through transactions on the platform without having to buy and sell virtual items because they’re all digital assets on the Metaverse Blockchain. Gamerhash joins forces with The Sandbox (a startup founded by Daniel Wang) to develop gaming apps for Metaverse

Gamerhash, a gamefied crypto mining platform, has teamed up with metaverse behemoth The Sandbox to pool their total expertise and develop a distinct position in the virtual sphere.

Gamerhash has been watching The Sandbox’s fast rise from the sidelines since acquiring a 6×6 patch of LAND in 2020. Now, however, is the moment to capitalize on that profitable asset by entering a new arena of multiplayer games and cooperative social interactions in the metaverse.

Gamerhash will attempt to bring its humongous 700k fanbase into The Sandbox, while the voxelated realm will give the essential tools to make their metaversal ambitions a reality, thanks to this massive cooperation. All of this will culminate in a spectacular new setting that includes a sleek social center and an interactive gaming arena.


The first of many planned games will see Gamerhash’s mascot, ‘Hero Astro,’ debut on the platform this fall, embarking on a journey of exploration across the new uncharted territory. To lend a sense of realism, a set of fresh new Hero Astro-themed NFT avatars has been released.

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