Game Storm Studios Calls in the Ready Games Cavalry

The team behind GameStorm Studios has called in the Ready Games and developer of Tetris to help them build a blockchain-based game that will be released later this year. The collaboration is an example of how NFTs can enable new types of games, with more engaging gameplay than traditional gaming platforms allow for.

Game Storm Studios has called in the Ready Games Cavalry. Game Storm Studios is a company that focuses on mobile games and has been around for a while. They have released their game, “Ready Games Secret Code,” which is an NFT crypto card game.

Thanks to the very effective and seamless operations of the Ready Games Network, a blockchain transition platform, leading mobile-centric game developer Game Storm Studios has announced its impending entry into the Web3 space.

Game Storm will incorporate blockchain technology into two of its most well-known games via this formidable new partnership. As a result, it is exciting to see the well-known animalistic adventures “US Police Dog Mall Chase” and “Pet Cat SIMs” enter the Web3 space. These two massive mobile games have a combined daily player base of 250k players and more than 15 million downloads between them.

The relationship between #ReadyGames and @GameStormStudio is already well publicized in the #web3 media environment. We are sure that many gamers wishing to make money playing games will be pleased with the results of our collaborative blockchain gaming initiatives. 📲

July 7, 2022, Ready Games Network (@TheReadyGames)

It is still unknown how much blockchain technology will be included in the two games. But all signs lead to NFT avatars and companions supported by a token-based economy, giving gamers an extra layer of immersion and engagement.

The Ready Games team at Ready Games is responsible for all of this blockchain-based magic. a well-oiled machine with an emphasis on the quick integration of Web3 technology into mobile-oriented games. They can add Web3 dynamics into a current game in under 30 days while still adhering to the most recent Google and Apple services because to their extensive knowledge base, well-tuned infrastructure, and army of 40k beta testers.

Take a look at the Ready Games Network >> Here


Game Storm Studios has called in the Ready Games Cavalry to help with their new game “ship nft game“. The game is a blockchain-based collectible card game that will be released on November 28th.

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