Gala Games to Launch The Walking Dead VOX Character Series

The Walking Dead is the latest game to launch with a crypto collectible. Fans will be able to purchase and trade in-game digital items that represent an EBT card, so players can buy food for their fictional characters. Rollable coins are also available as part of the deal.,

The “vox collectibles” are a new type of crypto collectible. These items can be used to unlock digital content in the game and also allow users to purchase unique items from the game. The Walking Dead is one of the first games to use this technology.

The Walking Dead (TWD) and Gala Games have released a new and unique collection of TWD VOX Avatars as part of their newest cooperation. The release of the pixelated characters coincides with another significant milestone for the zombie series, as owners of a TWD ‘Walker Access Pass’ will discover the full worth of their flesh-eating asset in the days after the unveiling.

On March 28th, a collection of TWD VOX Avatars will be released, including 8,888 different characters from the TV show, each costing $GALA. Purchasers will have little say in which TWD character they choose to accompany them on their metaverse adventure, as the identity of their VOX Avatar will be kept hidden in a box until the April 7th reveal date. Around half of the VOX boxes are reported to be inhabited by Walker VOX, who comes in different degrees of physical degradation.

Perhaps most poignantly, VOX Avatars will be useful in the forthcoming MMORPG survival game ‘Walking Dead: Empires,’ since they may provide passive benefits to the owner’s and friends’ gaming stats. The effects of these benefits may vary according on the rarity and character of the TWD VOX Avatar in question, with a Daryl Dixon VOX, for example, providing crossbow combat bonuses and a Hershel Greene VOX increasing the odds of making high effectiveness medical goods.

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