Gala Games Announce $4 Million Prize Pot For ‘May Mayhem’

Gala Games announced a $4 million prize pot for its upcoming “May Mayhem” event, hosted exclusively on their blockchain-based platform. The company will be holding the tournament in partnership with EOS Sports Legends and followed by an exclusive party at Indoor Skydiving Las Vegas.

The “town star rewards december 2021” is a game that allows players to earn virtual currency. The prize pot for the game will be $4 million.

May has here, which means Gala Games’ ‘May Mayhem’ is just around the corner. This year’s prize fund has been doubled from last year’s, implying a whopping $4 million in $GALA is up for grabs, thanks to the NFT industry’s 21,000 percent increase in 2021. 

Town Star, one of Gala Games’ numerous flagship games, will distribute half of the event’s prize pool, with the balance distributed through other TBA titles. 

May Mayhem will also be releasing free Gala Games NFTs, which will be used throughout the company’s gaming games, in addition to the bulk $GALA giveaway. On Friday, April 29th, at 11:59 PM PT, a snapshot of users’ Ethereum wallets and related Treasure Chests on the Gala Games platform was taken to evaluate which community members are deserving of such NFTs.

Users who have specific Gala Games NFTs will be considered qualified to obtain the complimentary digital assets. 

To keep things interesting, the business has declared that it would not divulge which NFTs are important in this case. However, in order to prevent losing out on any marketing opportunities, it has urged users to peruse secondary marketplaces if they have a preference for certain things.


The “town star ranking rewards” is a new game mode that has been introduced to Gala Games. The game will be running from May 12th until May 19th, and the prize pot for this game mode is $4 million.

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