From Obscurity to Mainstream News

There has been a lot of hype about the value of NFTs in 2018, with projects like CryptoKitties and Etheremon becoming household names. However, many people are still unfamiliar with these concepts so it is not surprising that they have yet to take off as a mainstream phenomenon.

The “overshadowed by controversy” is a cryptocurrency that has been gaining popularity. It was created in 2014, and it’s purpose is to be used as an alternative to PayPal.

A few years ago, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) were little more than a jargon in the industry. Many individuals were unfamiliar with the notion, and others were skeptical about its use, future, and financial worth. The bulk of people dismissed it as nothing more than a passing fad.

Since then, NFTs have gone from obscurity to mainstream news, with millions of dollars worth of tokens being traded every day. According to reports, the NFT business generated over $17 billion in trading volume in 2021, with some projecting that the amount might reach $147 billion in five years.  

NFTs have grown from relative obscurity to become a familiar word among cryptocurrency investors, enthusiasts, and observers. As more investors and fans embrace and implement the idea, the sector evolves. 

NFTs Have Changed Over Time

When Beeple sold his digital work, “Everyday”: The First 5000, for $69 million, he brought attention to NFTs throughout the world. Since then, other multimillion-dollar NFTs have sold for enormous amounts, including Julian Assange, CryptoPunk #7523, and a slew of others, lending validity and appeal to the heretofore strange notion. 

With hundreds of millions of dollars spent, large businesses and celebrities have recently turned their attention to NFTs. Other top-draw celebrities, such as Snoop Dogg and Serena Williams, are also investing in this notion. 

NFT collections have been produced and discarded by well-known companies such as Adidas and McDonald’s. Nike even went so far as to buy RTFKT Studios in order to increase the impact of the idea, and NFTs were used in various Super Bowl advertisements. 

The increasing adoption by popular brands and celebrities contributes significantly to NFTs Have Changed Over Time. More prospective investors who had some reservations about investing in the new concept are motivated by the growing interest of their favourite influencers in digital arts.

NFT collections have a lower barrier to admission.

The emergence of many NFT tools and minting platforms has also resulted in a significant decrease in the entry barriers to NFT creation and ownership. NFTs have exceeded the number of public webpages, according to a recent research. 

Reduced entrance restrictions have attracted more investors to the industry, making it more appealing to people and businesses considering how to invest in NFTs. 

Aside from the NFT industry’s meteoric development, which is a selling point in and of itself, NFTs have seen some significant modifications since its inception a few years ago. NFT innovation is a continuing and highly rewarding process for investors and fans, with firms like Larva Labs and CryptoPunks improving the market and introducing new features. 

The progress of the NFT has been nothing short of remarkable, with several amazing advancements that have increased its value.

The pictures were originally 8-bit pixilated, but high-quality animations have lately been added to entice additional investors. 

Online gamer playing NFT games

To Earn NFTs, Play

Furthermore, Play-to-Earn game models provide players with unique multiplayer experiences while also allowing them to earn enticing incentives and prizes while playing their favorite online NFT-based games.

Unlike conventional video games, these new crypto games employ NFTs to enable you to earn money inside the gaming environment. Non-fungible tokens are used to represent characters, armor, land, and other items in the games. This distinguishes them and promotes scarcity, resulting in a demand for these things. On NFT markets, you may sell your NFTs for a profit.

In-game prizes in the form of NFTs may also be obtained, which can then be sold. 


Only genuine believers and developers believed in the potential of NFTs sixteen months ago. When you used the term NFT, you were usually met with a puzzled or dismissive expression. It was fascinating to observe the evolution of pixilated visuals become the driving force behind whole game ecosystems.

However, this is only the commencement of the adventure for a technology that is far from its full potential use, in society at large. NFTs Have Changed Over Time is ongoing.

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