First-Ever Official AMC’s The Walking Dead NFTs Head to OpenSea

The Walking Dead is finally getting its own digital collectibles, with the first-ever official AMC’s The Walking Dead NFTs being listed on OpenSea. This is a big milestone for blockchain gaming and opens up exciting new opportunities as development continues to advance.

The “nft buy” is an official AMC’s The Walking Dead NFT that will be available to purchase on OpenSea.

Orange Comet, a high-end NFT specialist, continues their macabre celebration of AMC’s blockbuster TV series The Walking Dead. Bringing a feast of corpse-related souvenirs to the OpenSea marketplace this time. Fans and collectors will be able to get their hands on utility-packed non-fungibles that will keep their owners entertained even after the zombies have consumed the world.

Connoisseurs of the non-fungible variety may get their maggot-ridden fingers on the much-coveted “Walker Access Pass” beginning at 9 a.m. PT (12 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. GMT) on March 3rd and continuing for precisely 24 hours. A thrilling addition to the Walking Dead NFT library that will provide access to exclusive supplementary content till the end of time.

However, for the most discerning collectors, an additional surprise will be included in the drop, which marks the release of the Walking Dead collection’s rarest and most unique artifacts. In a 48-hour auction, four one-of-a-kind gold NFTs will be offered, allowing the undead to fulfill their morbid curiosity by owning a piece of Walking Dead history.

The Access Pass for Walkers

Fans may get a souvenir to remember the amazing experiences they enjoyed over the previous 10 years as the series attempts to wrap off its morbid fixation with the ever ambling, brain hungry, roaming corpses. The 10 fantastic 3D walker models are divided into five levels of rarity in these very attractive products.

The fantastic tokens will give outstanding usefulness far into the future, in addition to their magnificent look. Each spine-chilling unit grants access to five scheduled special drops throughout the year, as well as early access to all public drops and incredible free airdrops when you least expect them. All of this, however, pales in contrast to the crème de la crème: beta access to the next Walking Dead virtual environment.

For 0.11 ETH each, buyers may acquire a delectable collectable in a random mint, with the designs being revealed in a major presentation on March 18. So, gather your Ether in your digital wallet and travel to OpenSea on March 3rd to get a piece of the action. The chance will have gone in 24 hours and may never be repeated.

Orange Comet Walking Dead Access Pass NFT

One of a Kind Gold

True collectors looking for one of the rarest items on the blockchain may look no further than the Survivor Series – Gold Edition. These four 100% unique golden NFTs will run in tandem with The Access Pass for Walkers drop, arriving in the form of a 48 hour auction with an opening bid of 0.11 ETH ($326).

In contrast to its cousin, these spectacular non-fungible desirables show the franchise’s protagonists rather than the decaying cadavers following them. Those who are fortunate enough to get one will receive NFT versions of Rick, Michonne, Daryl, and Maggie, all of whom are gorgeously portrayed in digital gold.

Later in the Calendar Year  

Following the debut of the Walker Pass, Orange Comet has planned a slew of other NFT events, including a slew of stylish avatars, animations, and generative artworks, all building up to the big launch of the Walking Dead metaverse at the end of the year. So, keep an eye on the Orange Comet social media accounts for updates on everything that’s going on.

Head to the Orange Comet website to find out more >> Here

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