Finance Giant Amundi Tease NFT Investments

The financial giant Amundi plans to invest in blockchain-powered games. The investment is a sign of how NFTs are becoming more mainstream with the rise of crypto, making gaming one potential use case for this technology and opening up new avenues for game developers everywhere.

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Amundi, Europe’s biggest asset management, is going to examine methods in which the business may connect its customers with the digital asset after proclaiming their ‘pro-NFT’ attitude in a recent statement. According to Vincent Mortier, the French banking giant’s chief investment officer, the corporation is primarily interested in digital art and collectibles as its first foray into blockchain.

“Ultimately, we cannot rule out that NFTs will also become investable assets,” the French banking behemoth, which manages over $2 trillion in assets, said explicitly. Later in the statement, the business said that NFTs had “merits as investable assets.”

Despite these teases, Mortier said that the business has yet to decide how it would enter the NFT industry, but that many options are being considered, including the creation of a separate fund for NFT investments. That said, we do know with some confidence that the corporation sees promise in the convenience of keeping and monitoring the creative and collectable qualities of the asset: “Some artists are making artwork just for the NFT market.” This segment of the market has some legs and may be invested in, according to Mortier.

Despite the fact that outright praise for NFTs has been expressed, Amundi remains adamantly opposed to crypto, claiming that the crypto environment is “extremely speculative” and still has “a lot of question marks surrounding it,” according to Mortier. The corporation has expressed its worry about crypto in calls to customers, advising them not to buy in an asset that they believe has “no inherent value.” 

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