FEWOCiOUS’s Paint Drop NFT Sale Rakes in $19 Million

A little NFT game created by FEWOCiOUS, a crypto company that is known for its games such as CryptoKitties and Pong, raked in $19 million during their recent sale. This has led to more companies experimenting with the idea of creating blockchain-powered games.

The “fewocious complexcon” is an NFT that was sold on the Ethereum blockchain. The sale raked in $19 million, which is a record for any crypto-sale.

FEWOCiOUS’ new and forthcoming generative NFT art project, ‘FewoWorld,’ has generated $19 million in its Paint Drop NFT sale, after his recent $3.1 million generating digital sneaker cooperation with RTFKT. The funds were obtained via a private sale for FEWOCiOUS NFT holders for $500 each Paint unit, followed by a public auction for $1,000 per Paint unit.

The ‘Paint units’ notion in question, which the 19-year-old painting prodigy describes as the FewoWorld’s building block, comprises collectors purchasing Paint units, which can then be exchanged for art NFTs. The auction included a provision that delivered trophy NFTs and customised FEWOCiOUS items to the top 50 purchasers to recognize individuals who were most devoted to the idea.

Hundreds of the 30,198 Paint units were reportedly purchased by significant industry players, with one in particular acquiring 515 for (approximately) $260,000, suggesting that many of individuals getting the awards were NFT industry whales. 

Despite the successful debut, the young artist has yet to reveal all of the facts of his highly anticipated FewoWorld project; however, we do know that the Paint Drop NFTs from this sale will be used to unlock prizes such as ‘Canvas’ and ‘Fewos’ (a term for FEWOCiOUS art works).


The “NFTs Crypto” is a decentralized digital collectible. It is the first ever NFT to be sold on the market, and it has been selling for $2 million dollars. The sale of this nft was done via an auction that ended in just one day. Reference: $2 million dollar nft.

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