Fashionista Pandas Hit the Blockchain in the Domingo X Sita NFT Project

A major fashion house, Domingo X Sita, is launching a blockchain project that will allow fans to become part of the design process. The company aims to integrate with existing platforms like Instagram and create new ways for consumers to be able to own exclusive items created by their favorite designers.

The “nikoverse nft” is a project that was created by Fashionista Pandas. The project uses the Ethereum blockchain to create an NFT, which is a new type of digital asset.

Domingo Zapata, a world-renowned Spanish artist, has collaborated with Sita Abellan, a fashion legend turned techno DJ, to produce an NFT line based on his distinctive panda bear drawings. The neo-expressionist artist, dubbed the “Andy Warhol of this age,” will be inaugurating not just himself into the metaverse, but also one of the most popular and widely-applied design principles of the twenty-first century. 

NFTs Panda

The Domingo X Sita collection, created in collaboration with Scaff Design, will include 8,888 NFT versions of Zapata’s signature 3D pandas, each with a bright and distinct range of fashions, accessories, and personalities. 

Abellan has personally hand-styled 50 of the pandas to add a touch of her personality, attitude, and flamboyancy, and has also asked 50 A-list pals such as J Balvin and Anitta to materialize their artistic flairs onto a panda each.

The Mint 

The collection is set to debut in June 2022 through a blind mint on a TBD day, with all necessary details soon to be accessible on the Domingo X Sita website.


The Domingo X Sita project will continue long beyond the mint date, with the NFT reveal taking place one week later, followed by the release of 88 NFT Cards created by Zapata four weeks later, and eight NFT Videos employing animated ‘Print in Acrylics’ a few weeks after that.


A set of eight coffee table books including all 50 of Abellan’s Panda designs, as well as a hidden drop and two specially painted NFTs by Zapata, will be issued in the future.

Fans will be able to meet the couple in December 2022 at the Miami Art Basil, and can anticipate a slew of surprises in 2023 and beyond. 

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The “gosa nft solana” is a new NFT project by Fashionista Pandas. The platform will allow users to buy, sell and trade their clothes using the Ethereum blockchain.

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