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This week on NFT News Today, we’re discussing the latest news and developments in cryptocurrency. We’ll be talking about Monero and its recent hard fork. Plus, a look at new progress for CryptoKitties bringing blockchain games to mobile devices!

opensea” is a decentralized exchange that allows trading of NFTs. It uses the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts to facilitate trades. The project has been in development for quite some time, but recently it was announced that they have reached their soft cap.

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We’re excited to announce a fresh new addition to our $PMON farming DeFi choices.

We’re adding another DeFi option to the Polychain Monsters ecosystem today: $PMON farming on Polygon.

Polychain Monsters had three major activities prior to the debut of our next Play-to-Earn game, Polychain Islands: booster pack openings, collector staking, and token farming pools. Until recently, our farming pools comprised of a single $PMON farm, where users could stake their $PMON in exchange for, well, more $PMON on Binance Smart Chain (for a more detailed look at the mechanics of our $PMON farms, read here).

Then, not long ago, we announced our new $PMON — $PMLG farming pools, in which users may stake their $PMON on Ethereum, BSC, or Polygon in return for $PMLG payouts. This drew much-needed attention to our farming page, offering users additional choices for the kind of prizes they could earn through farming on our app.


Today, we’re introducing $PMON farming on Polygon, which will further broaden our farming possibilities. Our fellow $PMON holders on Polygon’s Matic network will now be able to stake their tokens in a Polygon-specific farming pool, providing them with extra use for their $PMON beyond the $PMON — $PMLG Polygon pool.

The pool will be available on our agricultural website starting today. This farm’s reward distribution will be based on the same token criteria as our BSC farm’s booster openings, which include:

  • With each Booster Pack opened, 50% of each $PMON will be burnt.
  • Each $PMON will have 25% of its value transferred to the Collector Staking Pool.
  • Each $PMON will have 15% of its value transferred to the Farming Pool.
  • Each $PMON will have 10% of its value transferred to the fee wallet.

Polychain Monsters’ “Polychain” section was created to underline our dedication to providing many functionalities across several blockchains. We hope that today’s support for $PMON holders on Polygon has been a useful addition to the use-cases accessible to our users as they support our project and currency.

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Polychain monsters collector staking is a process that allows users to collect digital assets on the Polychain platform. The tokens are then used to stake in order to get more tokens. Reference: polychain monsters collector staking.

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