Mintersbay established in 2021 initially to track real-time news and activity of Digital Non-Fungible tokens and Crypto-currency ecosystem. Our team monitors Ethereum blockchain and Cryptocurrency markets in real time life cycle. Mintersbay provides tools to help NFT enthusiasts, whales and professionals monitor the evolution of the NFT and Crypto universe. We also track the sales history of any asset or project, aiming to help evaluate the current price and performance and keep you updated on the breaking news & trending projects via our weekly Newsletters, Press Releases and articles on Mintersbay's official website: 🔗official-links In addition to all of the above Mintersbay has it's own community

Mintersbay Community contains only real and verified users that we personally communicated with before adding to the server

Mintersbay community contains group of: Whales, NFT / Crypto enthusiasts, Project owners, Artists, Mods, Marketing Managers, Developers and real-time investors.

We put big effort to create ground that will have full ecosystem of: Tools, Information and Human Resources and make it easier for users to communicate, research, present project in front of real investors or find right people to hire.

No, in order to join the server you have to hold at least 1 Mintersbay Entree Coin

Mintersbay Entree Coin is collectible non-fungable-asset that is used to enter the Mintersbay Community or achieve specific 🎎roles

You can mint Mintersbay Entree Coin on Mintersbay official website: 🔗official-links

Each coin is unique and can be used to join the community only once

Head to open-ticket send screenshot of the Mintersbay Entree Coin and tag @deleted-role

Wait for @deleted-role to review your ticket

es, However that coin CAN NOT be used to join the discord community by new holder.

Coins purchased on Opensea or any other aftermarket can be collected and used to achieve particular🎎roles and its benefits

50% of Revenue made from sales of Mintersbay Entree Coin will be donated to Ukraine at their official cryptocurrency contract address.

30% of Revenue made from sales of Mintersbay Entree Coin will be paid out every 14 days to the members with following 🎎roles @deleted-role - 20% @deleted-role - 10%


10% Will be reinvested in Server - giveaways - paid tasks


10% @deleted-role



Mintersbay Team or Mintersbay Official BOT's Will never send Direct Messages to users


All Communication is handled trough public channels 📣announcements etc..


If you you receive direct message DO NOT click any links or Submit your wallet immediately reportscam

All information about hiring and jobs will be officially announced in 📣announcements channel

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