Fanatics Teams Up with WWE for Brand-New NFT Memorabilia

After a successful collaboration on the blockchain-powered Edgeless platform, Fanatics is creating an exciting new way for fans to collect and trade unique digital assets. The company has just announced that it will now be partnering with WWE to create official crypto memorabilia.

The “nft collectibles” is a new type of crypto collectible that allows users to buy and sell digital items, such as trading cards, stickers, and more. The company Fanatics has partnered with WWE for the release of these NFTs.

The world’s biggest wrestling company, the WWE, has partnered up with Fanatics, a massive maker of USA-based sports memorabilia. They’ll work together to create a massive collection of incredible wrestling-themed antiques that will appeal to even the most diehard fans.

Under the terms of the new agreement, Fanatics will be in charge of a wide range of wrestling-related items. This will feature a flagship series of fantastic sports-themed trading cards, as well as real wearables and replica championship trophies.

Moonsault, World Wrestling Entertainment’s own NFT marketplace, was just introduced. As a result, the Fanatics partnership’s early arrival will deliver a plethora of NFT material to promote it. Initially, trading cards will be used, but more digital information will most likely be added as time goes on.

We’re thrilled to announce a new multi-year relationship with @wwe, which includes many aspects of our expanding digital sports platform. More information can be found here, and get ready for #wrestlemania this weekend!

March 28, 2022 — Fanatics (@Fanatics)

Fanatics is one of the leading collectibles distributors in the United States, delivering both digital and physical products for NBA, MLB, Major League Soccer, and the National Football League. WWE has now been added to the extensive roster of three-letter acronyms.

The Topps brand was bought by Fanatics earlier this year. A company with a long history of providing customised trading cards to athletic organizations, as well as a logo that will appear on the next wave of WWE-themed tokens that will be released in the future.


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