Exploring the Meta Lite Bar in Decentraland

One of the most widely used features in Decentraland is the Meta Lite Bar. It’s a bar that you can buy, spend and earn currency from to decorate your space and build it into whatever you want. In this article I will explore what it would take for one person or group of people to own their very own Meta Lite Bars as well as how Decentraland has already planned on addressing some potential issues with owning land before purchase.

Decentraland is a virtual reality platform that allows users to create and explore 3D worlds. The Meta Lite Bar will allow users to purchase, trade, and sell LAND in the Decentraland world. Read more in detail here: what is decentraland.

Jake, welcome back to the Metaverse Explorer series.

I’ve found the ideal venue for you if you prefer drinking beer, playing games, and a dive bar vibe. On TerraZero’s property here, Miller Lite, one of the country’s major beer brands, built a bar. The atmosphere reminds me of a dingy pub down the street where I used to hang out. A crumbling brick frontage, graffiti art, arcade games, and a bouncer are all part of the setting. I’m curious to learn more about the complex’s particular charm and brutal swagger in this essay.

The building’s facade is a dilapidated brick overlay with classic bar-themed elements. It has Miller Lite neon signs in the windows and a giant “Meta Lite” sign on the roof. At the entrance to the pub, there is a giant extended billboard that broadcasts current happenings.

There are 21+ signs strewn over the outside, as well as a quaint newsstand tucked into a nook near the entrance. Outside, there are boxes, rubbish bins, backdoors, and windows strewn everywhere. A big devil, a Miller Lite kettle, and classic graffiti names are among the graffitied walls.

A bouncer stands watch at the bar’s entrance. He may seem tough, yet he has a vulnerable side. “Don’t be deceived by my massive muscles,” he says to the bar guests, implying that he is interested in poetry. “I have a greater heart than you.”


The bar’s interior is just how one would expect. Miller Lite chandeliers, neon-lighted wall signage, ceiling rainbow lights, and huge TVs adorn the dimly illuminated space. Bar patrons are greeted by a bartender at the entrance. Because the bartender is worthless, hop over the counter and pour yourself a cold one from the tap.

To the right of the door is a huge, well-lit Miller Lite refrigerator. Open the fridge to get a free Miller Lite for your avatar to drink while exploring the neighborhood. To consume the beer in first person view mode, press E. To the right of the beer fridge is the Poap machine. On February 13th, the Poap will go live. A Miller Lite background with a giant Miller Lite can is located to the left of the entryway. The location is ideal for taking a photo of your avatar.


Arcade games line the left-hand wall next to the background. The machines are playable and interactive. The bull-riding station is fun, but don’t ride if you’ve had too much to drink. The jukebox, pool tables, darts, and drum set are all interactive.

The restroom is reminiscent of every dive bar bathroom I’ve ever been. Because the faucet is interactive, take careful to wash your hands before using it. Make sure you don’t miss the basement. When you click on the rear door, a UFO sound will play, followed by a light beaming you downstairs. The basement is a vast, open room with a massive screen that rotates the Miller Lite logo and displays the date 02.13.22.

In terms of engagement, this is the finest build I’ve seen throughout my time there. Almost every piece has a play component, which adds to the fun. There’s a lot to see and do, not because the setting is huge, but because there’s so much to do. Hopefully, the Meta Lite Bar is here to stay and will continue to grow as a Decentraland institution.


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