Exploring the Australian Open in Decentraland

In Decentraland, players can create their own virtual worlds with complete creative freedom. They are free to build whatever they like in a world that is strictly governed by the laws of physics and mathematics. But what would happen if one person decided to make an alternative reality game (ARG)?

The “australian open 2022” is the name of a tournament that will be held in Decentraland. The tournament will feature professional tennis players and live matches. This article explains how to explore the Australian Open in Decentraland.

Jake, welcome back to the Metaverse Explorer series.

If you like sports, tennis, or video games, I have the ideal location for you. The Australian Open, one of the world’s most prestigious tennis championships, leased out more than 100 plots in Decentraland, which is situated here. The setting is massive, including a tennis court, a clothing store, a beach house, and a ballpark. The Australian Open complex is the biggest area I’ve seen thus far, with a variety of activities to keep Decentraland residents occupied.

The Rod Laver Arena, at the complex’s heart, is a computerized recreation of the original venue. Blue panels wrap around the building, which is topped with a white roof. The blue panels resemble solar panels, and the beautiful white fence adds to the realism. The structure seems to be held up near the rear of the building by brown pillars.

In the extreme right corner, there are tables, umbrellas, and chains for viewing. A tennis game is being played on the interior of the space. To get the reward, hit the tennis balls across the court in seven different positions. With Rolex, Polo, Emirates, and Mastercard, the site is promoted as if it were an actual event. From the chairs to the court, the inside is largely an ocean-blue tint.


Across the street from the arena is the AO shop, a clothes store. Glass walls on the exterior provide good views of the inside. The structure’s principal colors are blue and white, same like the arena. Inside, there are many wearable displays and seats, as well as a front-of-the-store checkout desk. Visitors are greeted with a giant Mastercard advertising on the wall just behind the entry doors.  

The Beach House is a hip outdoor hangout near Rod Laver’s arena. A huge screen with lawn chairs and umbrellas is available. There are VIP lounges all around the venue, each with its own set of sofas and tables. There is a complete volleyball court with a net, sand, and play limits, as well as a bar for refreshments.


The BallPark is a huge picnic area with televisions, food trucks, tables and seats, as well as a ferris wheel. The BallPark is a brightly colored place with blues, greens, yellows, and oranges. The ferris wheel is a one-of-a-kind addition that may be utilized to provide a bird’s-eye perspective of the whole complex. A huge viewing area is available for avatars to socialize and watch matches. There’s also a rock wall at the entryway that your avatar may climb up.

From the Australian Open partnership to all of the buildings, I’ve enjoyed every aspect of this trip. By including games, interactive components, and social encounters throughout the complex, they keep it exciting. The Australian Open has set the standard for huge athletic events in the metaverse, and I want to see other major leagues follow suit.


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