Exploring Studio Nouveau Art Gallery In Decentraland

Decentraland, a virtual reality platform and Sandbox built on the Ethereum blockchain, is hosting its first art gallery. Artists are able to sell their creations for LAND or crypto-tokens that can be used in their world. The project has attracted artists from around the globe who have created pieces of digital artwork using 3D models that you can explore with your own avatar.

Decentraland is a virtual reality where users can create and explore 3D content. This decentralized platform has been around since 2016, but recently it has seen an increase in popularity with the release of Studio Nouveau Art Gallery. Read more in detail here: what is decentraland.

The Studio Nouveau Art Gallery is the place to go if you like abstract art and open-air environments. In this post, we’ll look at Studio Nouveau Art Gallery, which is located at -104, -27 in Decentraland. The gallery is near the Fashion District on the southwest side of the map. Studio Nouveau, a multimedia enterprise that creates immersive crypto art and music, has set up shop in the metaverse. A 2X2 near to a road and the huge Astrology Center is the spot.

The structure’s exterior is a basic, open-air box with many access points and big bay-style windows. The colors of the building are mostly a blend of beige, blue, black, and wood. Outside, the wide windows give a view of the gallery, and there are steps that can be accessed from the outside. At the gallery’s entrance is a sophisticated-looking wooden trunk. “Studio Nouveau” is written on the trunk, which also acts as a welcome mat. 

The gallery’s interior features abstract sculptures, CryptoArt, and audiovisual recordings in an open air floor layout. Studio Nouveau’s “audiovisual” collection of abstract sculptures may be seen throughout the room. The album’s opening track, Mist, has an audiovisual, abstract sculpture, and an AI-generated environment. The gallery’s floors are a mix of grey and blue, with plenty of space to move about.


The gallery is divided into six levels, each with a similar pattern. In the middle of the space, there are two displays of CryptoArt. The gallery’s walls are likewise lined with art in every direction. The top level has a lovely sky terrace with views over Decentraland. The deck follows the same layout as the rest of the building. Atop the structure are two massive abstract sculptures. 

My favorite part about the build is the simplicity. Every floor is nearly identical, which draws more attention to the actual art and structures. The top floor is gorgeous and provides sweeping views of the nearby Molins Astrology Center & Art Gallery and the large hourglass.


🔎 To see Studio Nouveau Art Gallery in Decentraland for yourself, click here.

🔎 Here you may see more of my Metaverse Explorer series and the structures I’ve found.

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