Exit Festival to Offer NFT Tickets in Partnership with NFT-TiX

NFTs are now starting to be used in the physical world, with NFT tickets being a prime example. The event organizers of Exit Festival have partnered up with Tokenixx to offer their attendees some extra perks.

One of the biggest music festivals in Europe, Exit Festival, is partnering with New Jersey-based company NFT-TiX to provide its visitors a cutting-edge NFT ticketing option. The initiative is part of the event industry’s efforts to deploy more thorough, efficient, and secure ticketing systems across its endeavors, with blockchain technology and its non-fungible nature serving as an appropriate avenue of direction, as the chaos of the Champions League Final in Paris pointed out last month. 

Exit Festival is able to generate and sell NFTs directly to its followers using the NFT-TiX platform, doing so without the aid of middlemen. The NFT-TiX platform offers three grades of NFT tickets: Silver, Gold, and Platinum, similar to many festivals.

Emil Ljesnjanin, the creator and CEO of NFT-TiX, said this about the novel idea: “This is a game-changer for the festival sector. Fans can be certain they are receiving the tickets they paid for if we can finally put a stop to ticket fraud and scalping.

Due to its impressive lineup, which includes artists like Calvin Harris, Maceo Plex, and Iggy Azalea, the Exit festival, which takes place on July 7 in Novi Sad, Serbia, is predicted to draw audiences in the tens of thousands. The event’s blockchain-infused experiences don’t only end with its ticketing system; it also introduced a number of NFT collections that honor a number of its artists.


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